Thomas Anderson: News Flash for April 29, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 29, 2022

News Flash

Headlines about Putin in the German media
this is ONLY from this morning, only one day
the picture they paint can hardly be darker.
Putin attacks everything that constitutes democracy, according to Scholz
5000 children abducted by Russians
Selenskyj surprises orphans in hospital
Putin rejects negotiation on (humanitarian) escape corridor
Putin no longer acts in accordance with reality
If gas supply is stopped”
“eaten by corruption”
Russia’s army fights not only against Ukraine
Zyverodonetsk’s last hospital becomes target of attack
“Munz on possible nuclear strike”
Putin underestimated determination of the West

while at the same time, the media completely blacks out (of course) the following:

in Mariupol in Asovstal there is an industrial area with an 8 story underground bunker where they are fighting

here another industrial area already freed in the same town
and here is what experts report first handy about Ukrainian president
and he himself videos about himself
(with cocaine on his desk)

Germany “will” (is already) deliver(ing) heavy arms

and they are not always delivering directly but indirectly by letting someone else deliver old arms and giving him the new ones while the Ukrainian get the old ones (which they know from former sowjet times)

main battle ship of the Russian fleet has been sunk

while he claims that “Putin no longer acts in accordance with reality” (see above)
the same minister wants to expropriate energy companies in case of emergency
(And they already started doing it with the Russian company GAZPROMs german facilities)
this very intelligent german minister wants to get away from russian gas.
and there are contracts with Russia over another 140 billion euro for gas every year
which has to be paid.
even if the germans do not take the gas, this money has to be paid
which this minister finds ok, because he wants to get away from Russian gas
so he wants to pay the money to Russia without taking the gas
…VERY intelligent….
so Russia could sell the gas to china, double the money and buy more arms for the war against Ukraine….
and the headlines say “if” gas supplies “would ever be” stopped,
while this has already been done
to Poland, which is a neighbour country which is now getting Russian gas from Germany,
while reserves in Germany are going down even faster…

inflation officially at 7 %
while production prices are rising by over 30%

new law
who is not vaccinated 3 times will not get any money in case of being sick
while min. 3 times vaccinated will get their normal salary 6 weeks more
and old laws
BVerfGE to the Basic Law
Omission Art.23 “Scope” on 17.07.1990 or, with “Europe Article” overwritten “Laws without scope have no validity & legal force.” BVerfGE 3, 288 (319f):6, 309 (338, 363)
1992 – Judgment 19.05.1992 (file number §56 Ar 239/92) Unification Treaty 31.08.90 (BGBl.90, part II, page 890) invalid
1987 – BVerfG. 77, 137: German people since 16.04.1871 bearer of the right of self-determination
1983 – BVerfG. 2 BvR 315/ 83 & BHG judgment
1983 – BVerfGE BRD has no national territory
1959 – BVerfGE judgement 2BvF2/58 from 27.04.1959
1955 – No right to taxesBVerfGE: GZ.: 55 274 / 301
Everything is based on donation
1952 – 58 – BVerfGE – In Germany since 08.05.1945 no more civil servants
BVerfG file number 1 BvR 147/52 from 17.12.1953

german data base for possible vaccination damages closed
“we don’t need it anymore”

Covid / Snake poison news

Finland and Sweden will shortly become members of NATO

truth in US TV
and lies in US TV

truth about very heavy damages slowly comes out through whistleblowers
and experts saying that before covid they had around 5 burials per day, and now they have 15, and this is only the beginning…

lies about Urkainian war
think logically
when there is a bomb exploding in front of your house
your windows brake
the do not stay intact…!
scenes from russian movie reported as war crimes

Nice video

Russia reveals secret documents from WorldWar II and puts them on the net

Holo-Deck already there…

MedBeds slowly arrive in massmedia

false flag metro attack…

your personal fight against it… IS POSSIBLE
Evaporate vinegar essence = blue sky

the so called Sahara sand over Europe is again made artificially
nothing to do with Sahara

Chinese social credit system established

we see strange things happening everywhere
a lot of fires burning down US food processing plants

and in Europe there is a law giving farmers more money when they don’t plant 20% of their soil

so much for now….
have a good day
prepare for the coming phase of starvation
buy spareparts for what you might need in future
all what comes from industrial mass production will be short in the markets
think ahead!!


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