Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of March 21, 2022



Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Mon. 21 March 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Global Currency Reset, Blackout and Shutdown Imminent…Q+Trump, Great Awakening World

“95% of world terrorist attacks are made by the CIA, which does not work on behalf of the American people, or act in their interests. The CIA is a rogue element of the Deep State and an expression of the will of the world oligarchy and their vision for a New World Order.”…Putin

“Timeless Tales”

“Facing Wondrous Opportunities Tied to Difficult Adversities”

February 6, 2022- #4821 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note:




Global Currency Reset:

  • Mon. 21 March MarkZ: “My bond folks are convinced we will see full funding in the next 48 hours starting this morning. I only have two bond people still talking….the rest have gone dead silent on me. I think we will have seen full blown bond payouts before the 26th.
  • Redemption Center folks were working on Mon. 21 March.
  • Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) notification to set Zim Bond redemption and foreign currency exchange appointments would likely be Mon.-Tues. 21-22 March according to Bruce.

Global Currency Reset Recent History:

  • On Sat. 12 March banks worldwide were switched from the old Cabal-owned SWIFT Global Financial System to the new Quantum Financial System.
  • On Tues. 15 March Delta Force seized the Emergency Broadcast System from the corrupt CIA at their Virginia complex. Delta Force Seizes Deep State Stronghold – Real Raw News
  • By Wed. morning 16 March the US Petro Dollar was no more.
  • We should have 10 days to set out appointments and 30 days to exchange.  
  • The Redemption Center people were trained to redeem and exchange the currencies we had with previously agreed upon Contract Rates, while Banks would have lower Street Rates
  • 100+ nations have global agreements now being deployed called ‘Project Sandman’ to drop and end dominance of U.S. dollar and petrodollar.
  • “Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar” status that has allowed the USA to enjoy 50 years of fiat currency counterfeiting and material abundance at the expense of everyone else. When this decision is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge to near-ZERO literally overnight.
  • Bruce, Holly and MarkZ all reported that Bond Holders were gradually being paid out this last week with full access to their monies.
  • MarkZ: “I have lost over half of my bond folks…..gone…like they have fallen off the face of the earth. No communication at all… could be an NDA. They expect ALL bonds to be paid by next Thursday. They need a certain percentage of bonds completed before we go.”
  • Fleming: “Now that Russia and China have declared they are gold-backed-asset-backed, with solid, verified assets as required by the International Monetary Fund, all countries will follow, beginning with the US.”
  • Wed. 16 March Nicholas Reese: “Just left my Bank of America and my teller that has known me for yrs said Mrs. Forehand we wanted you to know we will be changing our hrs and format starting April 1st! I said oh so it is the Quantum Financial System and you all are changing to Financial Advisors with Nesara & Gesara and she looked a little surprised and said YES Ma’am exactly!”
  • As of Fri. 18 March at 6pm EST the fiat US Dollar was no longer being used in International Trade.
  • Ed of Ocala: At the close of trade on Fri. 18 March, fiat and other currencies stopped being traded. All credit cards and terms will not function under the QFS system. These debts must be zeroed out. IRS is dead as we know it. This is a tax free event. It is a private treaty that was signed back in 2015 by 209 countries and is not part of public records. There will be a CPA or government official at all RC centers who will tell you or put in writing that this is a tax free event.

Status of the Restored Republic by General Christopher Miller, Secretary of Military and Head of the Provisional Military Government of the United States to Bulgaria colleagues:

  • I understand from your comments that there has been a great fever and commotion in Bulgaria regarding the visit of the US Secretary of Military. , concerns that this man will force Bulgaria into war with Russia.
  • I bet many of you still believe the Media that the United States has a new government headed by the deceased 3 years ago Joe Biden.
  • US elections on November 3, 2020 were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states. The Deep State tried to fake them and the Media reported that Joe B. he has won them over. BUT! The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server and the fate of each ballot is known.
  • The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are, and since then, we’ve been watching a movie that really aims to open our eyes and wake us up so this never happens again.
  • On January 20, 2021 at 12:00 noon the United States was taken over by a military government led by Secretary of Military General Christopher Miller and Commander-in-Chief, the lawfully elected President Donald Trump.
  • Until the November 2020 elections, General Cr. Miller was Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Service, a student of General Michael Flynn.
  • The role of the fake Joe Biden is played by three actors. His entire “crew” is a cast selected by President Trump’s team. All his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value including this fake military minister who visits Bulgaria and causes such a fuss – Lloyd Austin.
  • All these actors are talking and doing as President Trump and the White Hat Military are telling them to do. This whole show is about waking people up and doing a lot of work behind the scenes.
  • The White House and Capitol and all federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed as of January 20, 2021.
  • These people have never set foot there, nor have they any access to the Pentagon! They are ACTORS ! Hold on to that!
  • President Vladimir Putin is currently shattering the last remnants of the New World Order. They are allies and collaborators with President Trump.
  • Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the US Army is President Trump! He would never send U.S. troops against any nation on the planet! So there is no reason to fear American soldiers.
  • Here in Greece, people are looking forward to them for the second year as liberators from the junta. There will be no world war!
  • Russia and the United States have been allies in all wars so far. It’s all just propaganda from the last remnants of globalism.
  • The new global Alliance of White Hats controls the situation of the entire planet. Soon it will all be over! In a few days time! Everything is under control!
  • Bulgarian political leaders are controlled by Soros, but they don’t know he is gone and are following orders from the World Economic Forum in Davos via Brussels headquarters.
  • This movie is going to end. The man who will appear in Bulgaria as a Military Minister is not such a man, but an actor from the People’s Awakening Team. His actions have no legal value. Probably the rulers in Bulgaria themselves do not know this.
  • We are witnessing the most incredible movie in the history of mankind with Biblical script. What is coming is so wonderful that our suffering mind can hardly contain it! At any moment the movie will end and everything will fall into place.
  • We have another clean up – Taiwan. There, the work will be done by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and this operation will begin at any moment.

The Real News for Mon. 21 March 2022:

  • Every US Note has a digital Gold Certificate that is identified by a serial number on a specific Kilo of gold. The gold is stored in ascending serial numbers with GPS tracking to every US Note so it can’t be laundered.
  • 2020 Election official Watermarked Ballots tabulated by the Military confirmed that Trump had won all fifty states by an over 80% margin.
  • On 20 Jan. 2021 at 12 Noon, Secretary of the US Military General Christopher Miller took over control of the US government in a state of Martial Law. He answered to Trump, not Biden.
  • The role of Joe Biden as US President has been played by three actors, two of whom were Jim Cary and James Woods – and all of whom were controlled by the White Hats.
  • Washington DC and government buildings including the US Capitol and White House have been empty since Biden’s so-called “inauguration” on 20 Jan. 2021.
  • The White Hats who were fighting Globalism and the New World Order were headed by Q (JFK Jr.),President and Melania Trump (Q+), China’s Xi Jinping (who, with help of the White Hats, was ousting the Chinese Communist Party), Russia’s Putin (who, with the help of the White Hats was ousting the Russian Communist Party), Ben Salman of Saudia Arabia, Modi of India, Jong of North Korea, Bolsonaro of Brazil and Orban of Hungary.
  • NASA Insider “We Lied About Everything” – The International Space Program Exposed:
  • Books reveal how to supply fresh clean water to your family:

International Child Sex Trafficking:

  • [See full report below]

Protests and US People’s Convoy for Freedom:

  • The People’s Convoy Passes Out Copies of RFK Jr.’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ as they pass by the National Mall today.

Global Economic Crisis:




Global Food, Fuel and Goods Crisis:

Covid/Vax Hoax:


  • [See full report below]

Mon. 21 March Fleming:

  • Gold and Silver have and always have had merit, but to buy gold and silver today isn’t wise given the new USN.
  • The cost of this Gold and Silver is represented on the various exchanges by the fiat USD and not the USN.
  • Once the USN is announced the value of Gold and Silver will drop to pre-1971 prices. This is not because the value has changed. It’s because the inflated USD has changed and now represents its original value.
  • The price of Gold will revert back to its value in 1971 and the US Treasury Note will follow. This could be as much as 50% difference in cost today vs. tomorrow, once the USN is announced.
  • Under NESARA / GESARA, all assets will adjust in value around the world.
  • Every evil Nazi-Gestapo-bad-actor involved in crimes against humanity, has now had sanctions placed on every account and every asset they own. The Biden, Clinton, Obama cartels, all bank and trust accounts are frozen by sanctions and investigations underway (by Putin).
  • Soros and all of the Deep State/DNC corrupt U.S. government machine that built its base of operations in Ukraine is now locked down and under investigation by legitimate agencies searching for crimes committed against the People – treasonous actions.
  • With the Quantum System, the bad actors/bad acts has already been found…, and now we’re ready to see the heads roll.
  • NESARA / GESARA is the elimination of all debt. It is an end to corrupt practices, payola, PACs, all laws that serve the few, all corrected. It is an end to double-speak, confusing judges and lawyers, in essence supporting only the few.
  • Resulting arrests, claw-back and redistribution of stolen monies to the People, will shock the world. 
  • The demonstration of the Law of the Land will immediately commence simultaneously with the declaration of the New United States Notes, presently held in many of these “sanctioned” accounts.
  • NESARA / GESARA is the Redemption and Restoration of our Sovereign good standing according to the Law and protected by the Constitution.

Goldilocks: New World Reserve Cryptocurrency Incoming! – Powered By Ripple XRP

  • Today, Russia opens up their market inside a gold backed economy. Tomorrow, Sberbank in Moscow, opens their services to Russia with their new Crypto Ruble.
  • This will be the first of many countries to disconnect from the Swift system and enter into a digital gold backed economic system. 
  • Preferences are already being made toward gold backed stable coins to trade between countries’ banking systems. This is the first country to completely implement the new digital asset backed financial system. 
  • When other countries begin to witness the advantages of giving their people and government more purchasing power, others will begin to follow the same path. In fact, it is already beginning inside the digital asset backed system.
  • Payment preferences for the Petro Yuan has just recently replaced the Petro Dollar in Saudi Arabia for their oil. And, China is already well advanced in the digital world. It is no secret at this point that China and Russia are moving into a gold backed digital banking system that will transform the Eastern and European countries of our world.
  • Look for even more countries to back their new crypto stable coins with gold. Watch for stellar and ripple to lead the way in the unification of a digital global economy.
  • This does not mean that their economies are going to take over the rest of the world. They are just simply the first ones to step into a digital economy moving from a visionary phase and into an international phase.
  • History is being written today and carved into the psyche of every living human being on Earth. Our global economy is taking a new path led by a European country and an Asian country.
  • Shifts in a global consciousness such as these have the capacity to transform an entire world. XLM and XRP will play an important role in bringing the world together when the dust falls. 
  • Why is ripple so valuable? XRP gets its value from many factors. Here is the main one. Ripple has the ability to work with any institution, and it has the ability to quickly and cost-effectively be exchanged for any currency or asset around the world. 
  • A new world reserve currency is underway and anyone can log onto their computer and transact this new form of currency with the touch of a button. 
  • The destiny of the human race has now returned to the people, and we will collectively be able to participate in changing the world from the ground up.
  • There is no stopping what has just begun today.  Goldilocks

Whiplash347 on Med Beds, CIA and other NWO Intelligence removal, Rods of God:

  • Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolete by the end of the year? No more Chemo, Radiation etc. Hospitals & Schools will be ripped apart. No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures including Med Beds, UV Light Therapies etc. handed to you from Tesla.
  • This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence. Ie Mossad/CIA & 5Eyes. Only intelligence staying is military.
  • This is why we are moving away from Oil, Gas & Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology.
  • This is going to be dramatic, like the bombing of Nuclear Reactors (already done, except for 3GD),
  • Rods of God cause earthquakes. The Rods of God are undetectable Tesla Tungsten Kinetic Weapons from the sky designed for blowing tunnels & Nuke Reactors – hitting with the force of a Nuclear Weapon without the fallout.

Whiplash347 on GESARA:

  • Gesara = 1000 yrs of peace, no more wars. This is why the tunnels are being bombed too apart from rescuing children.
  • This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence. Ie Mossad/CIA & 5Eyes. Only intelligence staying is military.  RE-READ the FIVEEYES Drops.
  • This is why we are moving away from Oil, Gas & Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology.
  • This is going to be dramatic. No more George of the Jungle styles, Tesla Wireless Technology.

Whiplash347 on Obamagate:

  • [See full report below]

ObamaGate: Whistleblower General Flynn exposes the $50 B Gulen Terrorist Network:

  • [See full report below]

White Hats on Inside the Storm:




  • Soros is breaking the Chinese banking system and Rockefeller controlled banks are pulling money.
  • Inside sources say BITCOIN will RISE before the [CRASH] then bust. The ripple effect will be felt from country to country as China Stocks and companies reach into all nations.
  • THE GREAT RESET agenda of UN WEF WHO WORLD BANKS GPMB OBAMA BUSH CURRENT ELITES has always been to break [CRASH] THE MARKETS. Bring in global currency and digital tracking/ human tracing.
  • THE CRASH IS IMMINENT AND TAKEN PLACE .. Effects of food shortage.. INFLATION.. RISING GAS PRICES is evident and happing and GROWING.
  • When the CRASH happens Banks will not move money. Transactions will freeze and electric companies cannot pay for natural resources such as coal. Delivery companies will be at a standstill. This leads to closed markets, stores closing and hunger.
  • MANY EVENTS are taking place.
  • Bidens WAR on Americans will affect the MARKETS. Half of Americans are rejecting BIDEN’S MANDATES. Threatening to quit their jobs. Police. Doctors. Nurses. MILITARY. Blue collar citizens. That’s over 85,000,000.000. Million of citizens who are rising against BIDENS { DICTATORSHIPS} WAR.
  • This amount of Americans can CRASH the market. [DS] Biden. OBAMA VATICAN (world bank] will make TRILLIONS on pulling money from Retirement/Insurance/ and Benefits (most average Americans are owed 50 to 65 thousand in retirement.
  • Joe Biden declaration of WAR on Americans is to break the economy, crash and divide and then bring in the New World Order fiat digital currency.
  • The Delta deaths COVID-19 Plandemic is distractions and also for killing humans in the eugenics program of Rockefeller’s plan UN Agenda.

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