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I am Sierra. I am an ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light. There are many Galactic Federation representatives on Earth right now. We came to help humanity ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Beloved Gaia is already well on her way in her Ascension. I will share with you my personal Ascension journey and my thoughts on global events. Welcome. Where We Go One We Go All!

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

March 15, 2022

Truth Social And Q

Let’s start with some humor that is sure to make you chuckle. You may have seen it before but you can’t watch it too often.

Another fun little video. Enjoy.

Great message from Dan Scavino about Truth Social. Note the Q. The connection with Q and March goes back to Q drops about March Madness. Love it!

A well-informed Ukrainian villager describes in detail how UKRAINE tanks fired on her village and made it appear to be a Russian attack. This little video destroys the [D]eep [S]tate narrative. Pass it on.

An article describing how the [D]eep [S]tate controlled distribution of the jab to cause the most catastrophic outcome for humanity. It is sobering reading but no surprise to Light Warriors.

[O]bama has been diagnosed with [C]OVID after (supposedly) being jabbed. Good theory here on the purpose of this announcement. Remember, a [C]OVID diagnosis for the [s]atanists is code they have been arrested.

An Australian TV anchor breaks out of script when talking about the jab live on air. TRUTH at last.

It’s true that people worldwide are losing interest in the virus. [C]OVID is (supposedly) sweeping through NZ at present. It’s actually just a range of seasonal colds and flus. Wouldn’t you think people would be freaking out all over the place in NZ that the DEADLY PANDEMIC VIRUS is everywhere…? 

Keep up the great work, Light Warriors. We are the bravest of the brave and strongest of the strong and we were chosen for that reason. We are taking part in the liberation of Earth’s humanity. The positive ripple effect will be felt throughout this entire galaxy.


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Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

March 14, 2022

Rockwell’s Latest Newsletter

Rockwell’s latest newsletter has plenty of intel to keep our spirits up. Here is a lengthy excerpt. Remember you can subscribe to directly receive his newsletter by emailing him:

There is surprisingly little news from today, and actually not many new events, but there is still plenty to report.  However, it is noteworthy that the three most trusted Telegram accounts for inside info are ALL silent today after being prolific this weekend. Even now, nothing.   Interesting.  There has been a shift in the tone of some of the sources I think are closest to Trump if not actually Trump himself.  The shift in tone reflects aggression and hyping up coming events.   We added over 100 new people just this weekend, so I am going to be repeating things for the new people.   

Real Raw News is a website that lists itself as a parody site purely to cover itself from lawsuits that has posted ZERO parody articles.  I am firmly convinced it is a military run website designed to give us inside info.   I have gone over the reasons in detail before.   They posted an article saying Trump is promising a “reckoning”.  From the article, they claim Trump told his inner circle, “Trust me, we’ll soon have an unbelievable reckoning here the likes of which no one has ever seen. It will be unbelievable… I’ve never gone anywhere. I’m not coming back. I’ve been here all along.”  

Then we have iL Donaldo’ s account which I am 100% certain is Trump.  He posted this image with the caption, “I AM THE FRIGGING STORM!!!”.   This is absolutely a Q reference, and if you recall, Trump was asked at a photo op when he was president what this represented, and he said “the calm before the storm”.   The reporter asked what storm, and Trump said, “You’ll find out”.  Before this weekend’s rally, he posted, “TONIGHT WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT’S 1776!!!”.   He posted a picture of Trump with the caption, “THE REAL COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!!”.   

He added this out of the blue which is VERY interesting, “BREAKING: Ex-president Barack Hussein Obama has tested positive for being a piece of shit.”   Why is that so interesting?   Because he posted that two days before we learned the Fuhrer (Obama) tested positive for covid, and a BUNCH of people with inside sources tell us that when the deep state players test positive for covid it means they were arrested or worse.  He also posted this, “When the REAL President calls… THEY ALL PICK UP THE PHONE!!!”.   

A new Telegram channel was created just a few days ago, and Phil told us to follow it, and the channel is “General Patton”.  People are saying this is actually Trump’s channel, and a reference to the fact that he looks almost identical to Patton.  The channel has been mostly quiet but did post, “JUDGMENT DAY IS HERE!”.  

I know what you are thinking.   These are Telegram channels and we can’t prove they are Trump which is absolutely true although I personally am 100% certain iL Donaldo IS Trump.   I have reached this conclusion based on several factors,   First of all, he has posted responses to news events before the events were even reported.   He also responds to direct personal attacks on Trump responding as if the attack was directed specifically at him as if they are one in the same.   None of would do that.   We would come to his defense, but we wouldn’t speak as if we were Trump ourselves in doing so.   He has, and does so fairly routinely.  The language is also consistent with Trump, but make your own conclusions.  BUT, we have what Trump himself said, all caught on tape, and it backs what we are hearing on Telegram and from RRN.  

Trump mentioned “President Biden” during his rally, and someone in the audience shouted “He’s not the president!”, and Trump without even slowing down said “You are right about that sir”.  Like previous rallies, Trump used it as an opportunity to remind us the country has gone to hell saying, “The country has never been so low as we are now”.   Is he just trying to rub salt in the wound and drag down our morale?   On the surface it would be easy to make that contention since he can’t be president for at least three years, but this is a campaign rally for coming new elections.  He went on saying all woke generals should be fired immediately which is 100% true.   That is interesting in itself because he is telling is what is coming, but he then made two very interesting comments.   

He said they should make it possible for the president to fire ALL executive branch employees.   THAT is new, and I think a preview of the storm that is coming.   He then said , “The PEOPLE CONTROLLING” Pedo Joe and Nazi Pelosi are trying to destroy our country.   This is ALSO new, and this last rally was one of the more red pill type rallies that he has had.  ALL of his words sound like he is preparing us for coming events.   If he wasn’t coming back, these rallies would be cruel as he is reminding us how good things were under him, and how we are set for at least three more years of irreparable suffering.  

Misc interest:  Phil says that that was not the real Trump at the rally.   After last week’s assassination attempt, they have him locked away in a remote secure location.   I am not convinced.  Lin Wood noted that at the rally there were 19 gold fringed flags, and those are reserved for times of war.  Darth Soros is feeling the pressure from what is happening and called for the world to remove Putin, Xi and Trump.   Do you remember when I said those three were working to take down the deep state together?   Need more proof than the fact Satan’s spawn is calling for their removal?  iL Donaldo posted this in response.  

Phil posted this to Telegram, saying that NESARA goes active tomorrow.   If so, this would allow for Trump and the military to act at any time as we have been told in the past they were waiting for NESARA to be functional.  What makes this noteworthy is he has never given a NESARA time frame.  He said all our phones were linked to Starlink last week which is needed for the EBS.  He later posted that a NESARA announcement is “imminent”.  

I have said MANY times that I think Phil’s inside source is Ezra Cohen Watnik, one of the top three people in Trump’s inner circle.   I have also said I think Ezra is the primary Q poster.   Phil posted this to Telegram this weekend, “Hi Ezra”.  Subtle.   The next post was a GIF of an EKG showing a large cursive Q where the heart beat should be.   This only confirms BOTH my suspicions.   Phil told us he knows who Q is and promised us Q would absolutely post again.   It all points back to Ezra.

Then we had bizarre comms from Scavino with a LOT of attention pointing to Antarctica.  One of the posts was a GIF of penguins saying “It’s happening”.   Pretty much everyone agrees something HUGE is hidden at Antarctica.   Most agree there is a crashed alien craft and/or alien base located there.   Keep in mind John Kerry and George did 9/11 Bush were both there the day after Trump was inaugurated.   WHO goes THERE of all place?  Regardless, something big happened there, and the white hats are excited about it.   Need more?   The military also posted a bunch of stuff about Antarctica.  SOMETHING happened there, something good.  

What’s next?   Trump said during a pre-rally interview that “China will be next, taking Taiwan”, and he said it so matter of factly that he might as well have been saying the grass is green.  China said, “No one and no force” can prevent them from taking Taiwan, and they flew 13 fighter jets over Taiwan airspace.   At this point, the question is what are they waiting for?   Q told us that they were saving Israel for last, and Phil said we would start to see the event that would trigger our involvement there soon.   This weekend, Iran fired missiles into Iraq near the US consulate there targeting “secret Israeli” bases.   Pedo Joe didn’t even address this.   Just more int’l escalation, and I for one am more than ready for the next chapter in this story. (Rockwell)

I am more than ready for the next chapter of this story too, as are all Light Warriors.


Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light


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