Para Kas-Vetter: “Pluto Return” and Western World


Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 23, 2022

“Pluto Return” and Western World

Many years ago I was living at a home where a cat would come and visit. No one knew who the cat belonged to. One day I was waiting for the cat to arrive for his meal that I had prepared for him. I waited by the front door.  I waited….. and waited…..and waited. Meanwhile, the cat had already entered through the back door, had his meal and then left back the same way.

What if I asked you this? Have you ever been given part of a picture to make sense of, and then after guessing all sort of stories using no intuition, the WHOLE picture is presented to you and it is nothing like what you thought it would be.

Have you made any changes in your life?

What about this scenario? Familiar? :

“Oh I never noticed that tree there before….”


“That was there for a long time. We always walked passed it many times.”

“I never noticed it before.”

I hear a lot about this Pluto Return and the focus on one country that some have missed the whole boat.

“When a person, an organization, a business, or a country is born, there are planets residing in specific zodiac signs.

Pluto, the planet of dramatic transformations (sometimes via completely tearing-down old structures and concepts before regeneration occurs), has been in Tropical Capricorn (and Sidereal Sagittarius) since November 27, 2008, and it will move into Tropical Aquarius in 2024.

When planets return to the sign placements of a person’s or an organization’s or a business’s or a nation’s birth, this is known as its “return”.

……………………February 22, 2022 is……considered as being a major numerical energy day.


However, it must be remembered that years are calculated based upon human conceptualizations.

Just because it is the year “2022” in the Gregorian sense (a change from the Julian calendar) does not also mean other cultures recognize the same numbering system, although they are aware of it.

In the Hebrew calendar, for example, we are not in the 2000s; we are in the 5000s!

The time frame of other planets is also different.

The entire space/time continuum is governed by SOURCE because no entity on any planet knows when SOURCE began creation.

…………….So, because collective consciousness all over the world respects the current year as being “2022” because the “Western World” said so, let us explore the Kabbalistic number of “22” because most people are seeing this number daily in various ways (on clocks, on sales receipts, on television commercials, on billboards, etc), and it is the primary component of February 22, 2022.

The number “20” is the letter KAF. Its message is: “There is a need for willpower and one-pointedness and the aim towards HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Therefore, our target must be to understand the LIGHT that is/and has been soaring into our planetary realm for many ages.

We must strengthen our resolve to remain connected to the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that is the ABSOLUTE—the ALL—the SUPREME CREATOR, regardless of the many names that “IT” has been given by various cultures and their languages………………………..

……….We are to seek peace within ourselves first, and then send it out throughout the planet…………….


This is achieved via prayer and meditation—the most powerful of spiritual tools.” Thus, the number “22” holds the lesson of: “When we connect to the LIGHT, we begin the process of self and planetary redemption, and we continually receive knowledge and wisdom that is renewing and regenerating”.

………..As can be gleaned, “2022” is a year of dramatic and major changes on all levels. February 22, 2022, opens a portal that will remain open until Pluto moves into Tropical Aquarius (as mentioned above) in 2024.

The COSMIC HOLY BOOK (the alignments of stars, planets, Suns, Moons—all other happenings in the vast cosmos that is also called the “Multiverse”), is a “multi-galactic” and “multi-universal” text that holds information of the past, the present, and revelations of the future.

According to individual and collective consciousness, the “book” unfolds.

So, the energies of the cosmos are potentials only.

If humanity chooses a HIGHER PATH when certain alignments seem to reveal dire situations, then circumstances of struggle can be dissolved.

If, however, the lower path of continual disharmony is allowed to remain, then consequences will occur because low vibrations are out-of-tune with SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Pluto is standing “at the ready” and will de-construct what is not good and will help to continue to build an Earth/Gaia of SOURCE LIGHT.

The question is: Who will be enveloped in the LIGHT and who will not?



Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Full article please read “A Power Day Comes In To Play: February 22, 2022 Is On Its Way!”

“Soul Soothing reminders…”

“The ending of the old era……The metamorphosis transition…….major transformations and new Creation………..WHEN THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENS………..Cosmic Shift………..The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One………Forge, don’t follow….”

“The world is not randomly created by outside forces. Earth herself has the quantified ability to manifest for or without humanity. These thoughts that run in your minds, in your hearts, are asking for solutions, not from another but from you. You house and host the truths, the wisdom’s, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems within your sphere of existence. You inherently hold all questions and all answers simultaneously.  Your destiny is to be part of the liquescent solution. Everything that is addressed by you is addressed by you because you are part of the destiny of the solution. When it comes to you, it is asking for your help. You have the deciding vote. You are the deciding X-factor. You have the deciding quantum particle that will shift the situation from problem to resolution. You think that you do not make a difference but you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you have to make right, to do good, is a deciding factor in favor of illumination, Ascension, and evolution. Make a difference from heart. Decree from heart. You are the deciding celestial vote.”

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Energy. Think and feel energy. Notice the changes. See the changes. Within yourself and surrounds. MAKE Changes.  Energy. Utilise it. Send healing energies. Embrace the Frequency of healing music energies. Energies are so obviously noticeable now. Contribute to the greater good. Energies.

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative


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