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Here are 2 old news reports by yours truly, GK on the Watergate Plane Crash and the events on 9/11/2001.

If you think about the strange events I report on, you will know that part of what happened on both days set apart 28 years in advance of 2001, were similar spy games of murder, intrigue, fakery and actors on the ground scripted ahead of time.

The Watergate plane that “pancaked” onto buildings on the southside of Chicago near Midway airport had some inexplicable oddities.
Think about who survives and tells the story and who doesn’t.

Were some of these witnesses even on the plane> Or were they waiting for the plane where perhaps a bomb stalled the plane out? Listen to the discrepancies that point to foul play,

Also, in the 911 video. Nothing more needs to be pointed out than the words the children are reciting in the Florida classroom while George Bush Jr., the President sits visiting the classroom.

If I had to speculate, the Bush family was trying to indicate that the operation was planned ahead of time. This would likely mean they were being held captive as the “scapegoats”.

Remember George was reading, “My Pet Goat.”

Clearly he was saying the Bush family was The “pet scapegoat” of some power mafia. My educated guess is the Mossad. Who likely was blackmailing all the men implicated. This is what sex with underage boys and girls results in. Not so coincidentally, the Watergate break in was looking for similar blackmail evidence against Nixon, which connected back to the Kennedy assassinations.

911 was planned and I think it is pretty apparent certain actors tried to make it look like they were trying to attach their own problem to the event. That problem being, we are blackmailed to take the fall. Being a captive blackmailed meat puppet likely builds up resentment and a desire to turn the tables.

This all ties into Kim’s report today. This, “Lone Ranger” Zionist rogue Texas Ranger Commando that she says is working for the Zionist regime… is likely appointed to save the crumbling narrative of the synagogue Rabbi Mafia who run the world from every county in the world, from their synagogues. Their master plan is written in the Talmud.

Very interesting that Kim and this Lone Ranger are both in Durango Colorado where my speculation is, an underground base has the headend of all telecommunications.

Let’s say IBM as an educated guess, dug deep for this end game dual. The top control board had to be put somewhere right?

I think Kim is an actress working for a long time group of spies whose allegiance could be either camp, that of Israel or that of anti-Israel. Kim as an actress had to learn her part. Just as any actor has to learn how to shoot a gun, or martial arts or to fly a plane. She had to learn the system.

Those that hate her and dismiss her — see her as the person fouling up the reset. If that reset includes mercenaries who place money over life, then we might want to figure out who really is a white hat and who pretends to be.

She could work for black hat control freaks too. I never said otherwise but thus far she appears to report the kind of dirt that would make a black hat cringe. Who knows. But as the game the kids play says, “you are getting warmer.”

This would give them back some power afterwards.

No one could wiggle out of some of the realities such as the words the kids were reciting.

Get it?


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