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Reader Post | By GK

Another Blast From the Past

February 7 2017 to be exact… 


What the heck is wrong with you people????

The RV is Tuesday.

The RV has always been Tuesday.




Not this Tuesday but Tuesday.

The next Tuesday after the next Tuesday that comes and goes but definitely unequivocally Tuesday….

I’m not one of those currency holder guru pussies who is afraid to name a date….

Tuesday… Read my poverty stricken lips…. “Tuesday.”

Sure I could say next Tuesday but my writing teacher taught me less words are better.


Tuesday after Hawaii shuts down its roasted pig spit. And the last hula girl rubs Bengay on her hips.




To be more specific, Tuesday after Monday and before Wednesday.

When’s day? Tuesday that’s when.

Even if Trump has something more important to do on Tuesday like an orange spray paint appointment or General Dunsford is being paddled by Madame Wu… Please Ma’am can I have some more!

Tuesday in our brightest of futures.

Oh sure some might say Tuesday comes she will– and Ruby Tuesday and Tuesday’s child is full of grace but the reality is no one does shit on Monday but pretend not to be hung over from church. And work their shitty soul sucking job.

If anything should change like a stupid Israelite Khazar Luciferian trillionaire fails to enter a code or be properly blackmailed by Interpol… and IF it isn’t teens drink free weekend at Epstein Island… It is certainly for shurtainly Tuesday… guaranteed without a shadow of a doubt, even if the doubt’s shadow saw a groundhog on the 2nd.

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday what part of freaking Tuesday don’t you freaks get.

I can’t do a rate but I can do a Tuesday.

Or possibly Saturday after a big fat Hawaiian dude sings somewhere over the rainbow.





Post Script:

People often write me and ask me, don’t you get tired of being so prolifically brilliant? And I say, no… being brilliant is easy, being autistic and my own worst enemy with poor impulse control is the hard part. 

Okay nobody ever asked me that before but if anyone ever did I would apologize for confusing their regular safe mode of accepting reality in a mundane way that made grumbling about shit easy and predictable. Because after I employ repetition on people’s brains to beat it into their heads that they are simply repeating Talmudic programming, it isn’t enough just to wipe the angry drool off the chin, they have to look at their prejudices and see they were made to hate this when they should really have hated that.

And not allow that to strangle the world like Kudzu and other weeds and parasites. Is it too late? I’m worried and you should be too. It is armed posse and rope time I am afraid. Watch the video I posted on the Bolsheviks and ask your new agey lovey dovey– everybody has good inside of them– crap thinking– that at what point does 60 million murders see the light? At what point do the predatory perpetrators be seen and known as rabid and dangerous? What collective would develop a horrific bio weapon to kill and tell everyone it’s a cure to save their lives?

The epiphany should be accompanied with the realization the second amendment is even more important than Joe Rogan’s and Whoopee’s freedom to speechify.


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