(Reader: Gustav Skurdal) A King Contrary to Scripture and Intelligence


Reader Post | By Gustav Skurdal

Hello everyone:

I hold a strong Faith in our Creator and strive to obey His will, but yesterday I read the “Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 31, 2022” at:

In that writing, as has been stated a couple times before and I believed it was a misprint, it stated: “This is a Planet Earth Operation. Trump comes back as 19th President with a new VP. Will be the last President. Will become King but he will then stand down from there and hand over to someone in 2024.”

A King. Doesn’t the people understand we fought a revolution to get away from dictators like a King? The Christian Bible stated the problems we have had in this country, the corporate U.S. and its corruption, as well as politicians who do for themselves, instead of the People, has been because we placed a man or men and women over us (our President and Congress), whereby they created taxes, took away rights, etc. This same thing occurred when Israel wanted a man king in I Samuel, chapters 8-9 KJB. Now, alleged Patriots claim Trump was sent by God and they want to make him, a man, King over us. Give up our sovereignty, give up our freedoms, and give complete control over to a man so the people can cry when absolute power corrupts the man to God and He will reject us for a long time again, because we rejected Him again. Obviously, they intend to cast their current King, Jesus, away for Trump, because it has been written one cannot have two masters, they will hate one and despise the other.  Matthew 6:24 NIV.  The Second command instructs we shall never worship or recognize any idol or image, anywhere, except the Father of Creation, Exodus 20 NIV, and that a man is a “image,” Genesis 1:27 KJV.

The bible informs Saul was first, and was replaced by David due to not obeying God. David was a fair King but used power for his own devices, like sending a man to his death to acquire his wife. Kings after David started becoming corrupted. Even the Christian Bible was written or put together by King James in 1612, because he wanted his own subjects (slaves) to acknowledge him and cast away or break away from the Catholic Church. He sent twelve scholars to Jerusalem to put together scriptures he could use to inspire people to follow him and his dictates. The first twelve’s book told to much truth so he had the beheaded, and sent twelve more which formed the current King James Bible people follow. A bible created by a King to have his own subjects. The Gospels of Jesus are not even in the book anywhere!  Why? He used Paul, a Pharisee, who–if one ever read the “Gospel of Paul” stated h despised Jesus because he felt Jesus a “physic.” But most people do not read other books like this because it goes against the brain washing they have been taught from a baby upward, by men who are worldly and have no spiritualism (ability to deal in both the corporeal and spirit worlds) in them. Or the Gospel of Thomas, Barnebus, or other books. But they worship Jesus, whose real name is Joshua, the younger brother of James who was the first born. People would dispute this, that’s find, but the issue is this. Why would anyone wish a King again to have the same factors come back upon We the People. Even if Trump is a great King, those afterward will become corrupted because absolute power corrupts. Is this what those alleged handling the constitutional convention are doing, changing the constitution to allow Trump to become a King. That is treason against the People and would require a vote for it to exist at all.

To make anyone a King, for any reason would be a lunatic and insane. We would never be able to break away from such, by a revolution or otherwise, because the power that King would have with today’s technology would be beyond our ability to defend. That King would again, as promised by God, tax us, use our children for wars to kill them for his power, etc as scriptures instructed us. And, if Christians want to cast away the Jesus King, they can, but the Declaration of independence informs why we broke away from England from those Kings and what they did. The parliament of the 1200’s that made capitalization of a name used to allow a King to mislead people to fine them and make money off them lime the Corporate U.S. has been doing also. Don’t the people think creating Kings again would end up the same way over time, whether Trump is a good King or not. How foolish can people be to want such. I for one will reject such. I have one King only and that is the Father of Creation. I will NEVER bow to any man king and will fight against such. I like my sovereignty and will not give up my freedoms to any man, Trump or otherwise. I like what Trump is doing and has done, but he is a man. A smart man, but yet a man. I pray people will wake up. It would be better to change the constitution to allow People more control and limit terms of Presidents and congresspersons. Fix it like in the Kingdom that is coming on earth, by having all people a choice. For example:  every household will vote what the household needs, their troubles, etc and appoint the wisest as their appointee and all will do the same and the appointees will meet and decide what is best for the neighborhood and area and appoint a appointee and all the neighborhood (about 2500 people in each) will send these together and they will vote what is best for the town or city and assign an appointee and all cities and towns will send their appointees together to decide what is best for the county, etc. Once they decide for the state, they will appoint appointees as the governor and legislatures for a four year term to prevent corruption. Same for judges, secretary state, etc. And they will vote appointees for Congresspersons and a President and supreme court justices. The people will always have the control and no more would any politician be able to take away out rights, but to make a King–the People are asking for disaster. maybe they need it for they do not seem to learn from the past or mistakes and try to improve. They always return to the past and do the same thing over again like sheep for the slaughter. If so, let it be. Let mankind be so enslaved by a King they will never have freedom again and they will not be able to worship as they please. If that is what people wish, more power to them but I will fight against it. I serve ne King, the Father of Creation, no other and that is the only King I will ever have. They can kill first. Foolishness seem to thrive in this country in the people.



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