The Downfall of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump (Part II)


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 17, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The assassination of Jack Kennedy was carried out by Corsican Sharpshooters as they would be considered neutral rather than the use of an assassin from Sicily.  There is supporting interviews for this at the Department of Justice as Thomas Puccio when he was at the DOJ interviewed a Corsican Sharpshooter that had been apprehended then in a drug related offense. He had been offered the Kennedy hit but turned it down as it conflicted with another assignment and it was given to a few of his colleagues. The decision to falsely blame Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin connected indirectly to Russia was a warning to Russia to keep their mouths shut or they would be blamed as Oswald was nothing but a patsy for the hit. This was a case of what is called in intelligence work misdirection which concept will be developed shortly.

A Mafia frontman was picked to head up the investigation by the name of Earl Warren, who sat interestingly enough as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, that succeeded in damaging the entire US School System while there. Warren had worked with the Mafia as Governor of California and maintained cordial relations with them. Warren was seen at the Toots Shor Mafia hangout in Manhattan toasting Albert Anastasia as each lifted their glasses to each other in recognition though such events are never published in our controlled press.

This corrupt judge faced an insurmountable problem in declaring the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald had shot Kennedy from an impossible position.  One of the key training exercises at the Mossad was for their trainees to replicate the shooting of Kennedy. The finest sharpshooters of the Israeli army tried to do it and couldn’t. When they asked their instructor how can this be they are told it was impossible but the corrupted American public can be made to believe anything. The American schools were teaching the goodness of onanism for that reason as a control mechanism. In any event, the Warren Commission had no choice but to follow the CIA instructions.

It is important to note here that the control mechanisms of the Rothschild world financial network was usury combined with fiat money and moral degeneracy as Balaam perfectly understood in the Bible (2 Peter 2:15, and Number 25). Here it is taught that by morally degrading a people you can take control of a nation or the world. The United States Supreme Court is the primary source after the entertainment industry as movies of the moral degeneracy of the entire nation or its Balaamization. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, another Balaam, named Edward Bernays, used these ideas to foment lying propaganda in World War One and later in advertising. Joseph Goebbels claimed Bernays as his teacher. See Bernay’s book entitled “Propaganda” or manufacturing consent. He raised bald lying into an art as his uncle Sigmund.



The application of usury and immorality as a control mechanism over the entire world is discussed in the next link.  It must be noted as the Bible points out that God will turn the evil deeds of the doer on themselves and Balaam was slain at the order of Moses.   It can take up to four generations before the punishments are inflicted with a finality (Numbers 14:18) which fools the wicked that they will be fine and prosperous forever as they do not see the repercussions all at once.

The absurdity of the Russians desiring to kill their own ally Jack Kennedy makes the incredible even more believable because it is impossible following the guidelines of Tertullian who said I believe because it is impossible (absurd) Credo quia absurdum. This is the basis of propaganda.  As Goebbels said that if you repeat a lie a thousand times it becomes truth. Let’s fast forward to 9-11.

The history of the US involvement in luring the Russians into Afghanistan is widely known from this interview with Brzezinski.

Brzezinski Interview | David N. Gibbs

Q : When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against secret US involvement in Afghanistan , nobody believed them . However, there was an element of truth in this. You don’t regret any of this today?


B: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter, essentially: “We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.” Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war that was unsustainable for the regime , a conflict that bought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

Now, I was opposed to this as I did not think it fair to use the Afghani people as cannon fodder in our geopolitical game with the Russians.  I was in favor of the alliance with China and crashing the oil price in 1985 that had a lot more to do with the fall of communism in Russia than our mistreatment of the Aghani people that we held in thrall for 20 years so the CIA could make hundreds of billions of dollars there in their heroin operation. Nevertheless, the Afghani people had no knowledge on how we tricked them into becoming our cannon fodder and we allied with them in the war against Russia that we created. We were the heroes for the Afghani people as their allies against Russia even though actually we were really their enemy.

Fast forward to the 9-11 emergency telephone conference call by the members of the deep state which I attended, and the question was what to do about the explosives in the basement of Building Number Seven that had not been detonated as the designated plane that was to crash into it had never arrived. The CIA was not involved in this Bush-Cheney operation that they bungled and offered to straighten it out but demanded that the first invasion would be to Afghanistan instead of Iraq. The Mullah Omar had made a grievous error in shutting down 90% of the world heroin operation that the CIA had set up in Afghanistan as he was too noble and religious. The CIA proposed that their failed asset Osama bin Laden be blamed, and they knew Mullah Omar would not give him up as he was an honorable man who would never give up an innocent man for expediency based on Islamic traditions of hospitality dating back to Ishmael helping Abraham prepare a meal for the three angels (See Genesis 18:7).

Here we have an interview with Steve Pieczenik identifying the true 9-11 culprits but he later admitted he was in error about the mention members of Islam that were not involved but he has everyone else.

9/11/2018 Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins Owen Shroyer on War Room

Wesley Clark on the invasion of Iraq linked to 9-11.

General Clark on the Iraq Invasion | American War Generals

So what we had here was the story line for the American people that the Afghanistan people that we had tricked into thinking we were their allies against the Russian invader, as indicated above, had attacked us at the World Trade Center that was absurd.  Blaming our erstwhile allies against communist Russia for 9-11 had no logic at all but through the device in intelligence work called misdirection you can make the masses believe anything and so it happened. The Taliban was our friend and ally proclaimed by Ronald Reagan as the Thomas Jeffersons of their nation.

The CIA then detonated the explosives in the basement of Building Number Seven later that afternoon and doctored the boarding tapes of the flights for the planes involved in the operation to show Arabs going aboard.

Islam was blamed to justify the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, and our ally against communism Islam now became our mortal enemy. Everyone forgot that Building Number Seven collapsed though no plane hit it based on the CIA Osama misdirection. The traitorous neocons took over US foreign policy over the entire world and Islam and Russia became mortal enemies after trying to be our friends in the 1990s. Thus we see the notorious Victoria Nuland, who is one of the neocons who rose at 9-11, supervising Russian policy in the Ukraine now as at Maidan under Brzezinski-Obama in 2014 this time to stop Nord Stream Two. Nuland reported to Biden at Maidan.


Here is the link to Part One:

The Downfall of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump

Here are the links to the Ukraine crisis:

Is War in the Ukraine Imminent? | Operation Disclosure Official

Russia is being pressured in a variety of ways to end Nord Stream Two. One way according to Manlio Dinucci in the next link are the so-called US missile bases to defend against Iranian missiles in Romania which have launchers that can handle both offensive nuclear missiles and defensive missiles in the same launcher as well as Poland’s to be completed in 2022. Lockheed Martin advertises as such as the video shows.

Manlio Dinucci: U.S. missiles in Romania and Poland: Europe on the nuclear frontline

How would the US like Russia to put such missiles in Cuba? The last time this happened the US was prepared to go to war against Russia if they did not remove them in Cuba. In a sense these provocations are senseless as Russian and Chinese nuclear submarine missiles offshore the US can reach the US within a minute allowing no time for defense so that the US does not have 18 to 20 minutes to prepare for an attack of an ICBM from Moscow. It has no defensive missiles of any value that can defend US soil anyway.

Submarines are also a problem for Russia to defend against but their S-600 can handle it. The US Patriot missile defense system was proved worthless in Saudi Arabia against the primitive Houthi missiles and drones and is operating in Europe based on pure bluff in the poker game. The US holds a losing hand.

In a way these missiles lay open these countries to a war between the US and Russia that might not have otherwise included Europe as the US has also submarines that carry nuclear missiles which means the big issue in Europe of stationing offensive nuclear missiles on European soil has no meaning except as a provocation and a violation of the agreements at the fall of the Soviet Union that their pullback out of Eastern Europe would not be followed by NATO moving east. The Russians will have to go to war with NATO for that reason if a conflagration is ignited. These stunts have more to do with making sure Russia and Europe are at each others throats so that an alliance between Germany and Russia as Bismarck always recommended and carried out in his Reinsurance Treaty with Russia might never take place again. This would create according to Mackinder a united group of Russia, China and Germany that would control the world leaving the US an isolated island. This is what this is all about. Stopping Nord Stream Two and that trend.  

The US is stirring up the pot to stop Nord Stream Two so that Europe is totally dependent on the US control of the European imports of natural resource via the ocean that the US polices with their eleven carrier task forces. The same applies to China which the US has lost. China stands to benefit from this European crisis as all Russian oil and natural gas as well as other natural resources will be steered away from Europe to China, and China and Russia will be independent of the US control of the ocean for their raw materials for China and Russia can obtain the most up to date consumer technology from China.  The China-Russian alliance stands to be better than the US-European alliance as China will double their estimated 30 trillion dollar GDP over the next ten years. Europe then is the great loser in this crisis any way you look at it. When you add Iran to it, Russia, China and Iran control over half the world’s oil of a 100 million barrels as day of production.  Russia controls 11 million barrels a day and actually another 14 million in their former provinces to the east that they really have power over to all its and purposes, and Iran controls 22 million barrels a day going through the Straits of Hormuz, and China about five million barrels a day. That is 52 million barrels a day. You stop that and the 2.5 quadrillion derivative structure implodes crashing the world economy into an unprecedented interlinked depression. Europe does not only lose all its energy but all is banks crash. See a discussion of this in the Straits of Hormuz analysis which contains details on the derivative exposures if you scroll down to the Pompeo letter. The size of he derivatives are debated between BIS less than 600 billion to knowledgeable Swiss source of 1.5 to 2.5 quadrillion.


The US Faces Financial Armegeddon

Massive US military buildup in Ukraine:


The Ukrainian powder keg and the wick

by Manlio Dinucci

According to Washington’s account, Russia is massing its troops on the Ukrainian border and preparing to invade it in January. NATO would therefore stand ready to defend Ukraine from the Russian Bear. In reality, it is Ukraine which is at fault: it still has not respected its signature and implemented the Minsk agreements, while in Russia, it does not mass any troops at its border, but it still has has large bases in Crimea and now uses the bases of Yelnya and Boyevo, very distant from Ukraine (750 and 830 km). Regardless, Washington is beating the drum.


Republican Senator Roger Wicker is close to Democratic President Barack Obama. He played a central role in the certification of election results declaring the defeat of Jacksonian Donald Trump. He militates against any form of spirituality outside the Churches. Today he is a staunch ally of Democratic President Joe Biden.
Fox news

Roger Wicker, a member of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee, said in an interview with Fox News (December 8, 2021) that he was not ruling out direct US military intervention against Russia to “defend l ‘Ukraine “and, without the interviewer asking him, added:” You know that we do not rule out nuclear action in the first use “, that is, to use the weapons first. nuclear. It is a transversal message to Moscow about the determination of the United States to support a possible attack by Kiev against the Russians in Donbass. It would certainly be presented as a response to an attack carried out by the Russians in Donbass. In the mind of who since 2014 has carried out the strategy of tension against Russia, this attack would in any case be a victorious act.

Moscow would have two alternatives: not to intervene militarily in defense of the Russians in the Donbasss, leaving them to be overwhelmed by the Ukrainian attack supported by NATO and forced to abandon the region to take refuge in Russia, a decision that would be traumatic for Moscow especially domestically; or intervene militarily to stop the Ukrainian attack, exposing oneself to international condemnation for aggression and invasion of a sovereign state.


Ukrainian generals have warned that they will not be able to “push back Russian troops without a massive infusion of military aid from the West.” The infusion has already started: the United States, which has already given Kiev military aid of $ 2.5 billion, in November provided it with another 88 tons of ammunition as part of a “package” of 60 million. dollars, also including Javelin missiles already deployed against the Russians in Donbass. At the same time, the US has sent more than 150 military advisers to Ukraine who, with those of a dozen NATO allies at their side, are in fact directing the operations.

The situation is even more explosive because Ukraine – today a partner but, in fact, already a member of the Atlantic Alliance – could be officially admitted as the 31st member of NATO: and consequently, on the basis of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, the 30 other NATO members should intervene militarily on the Donbass front in support of Ukraine against Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry has asked NATO not to admit Ukraine, so as not to increase further military and political tension in Europe, recalling that since the end of the Cold War Russia has received reiterated assurances that Alliance jurisdiction and military forces would not be advanced an inch east, but these promises were not kept. The Russian Foreign Ministry then proposed to NATO to open negotiations for long-term agreements preventing the Alliance’s further expansion in the East and the deployment of weapons systems in the immediate vicinity of the Russian Federation. Russian territory. The proposal was sharply rejected on December 10 by NATO via Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: “NATO’s relationship with Ukraine will be decided by the 30 members of the Alliance and by Ukraine, and by no one other ”.

Immediately after, yesterday December 13, the G7 Foreign Ministers (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan) and the High Representative of the European Union, who met in Liverpool, declared that they were “united in condemning Russia’s military build-up and aggressive rhetoric towards Ukraine” and that “Russia should have no doubts that further military aggression against Ukraine Ukraine would have massive consequences and serious costs as a response ”.

Meanwhile Finland, member of the EU and active partner of NATO against Russia, announces the purchase of 64 F-35A fighters from Lockheed Martin for a price of 8.4 billion euros which, with their infrastructure, reached 10 billion, to which the government will add another 10 billion euros for their maintenance and modernization. The 64 nuclear attack F-35As will be deployed at the borders of Russia, only 200 km from Saint Petersburg, in fact under the command of the USA which, as Senator Wicker reminds us, does not exclude the use of the first ones. nuclear weapons.

David Lifschultz


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