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Excellent channels for self-development. I am posting this in full with links to the source.

I think that everyone already knows that it will not work to go to 5D with a 3D head and a 3D body.

We have a LOT of WORK on self-knowledge and self-development! For thousands of years, psychos have inspired us with lies about us, about God, about our body, about the Galaxy, etc.





Hello, my dear beloved children!

In continuation of my previous message, today we will again talk about the harmonization of your physical body, but this time we will talk about its energetic component.

But we’ll start from afar, and first let’s look at what constitutes the vibrational component of a person.

In short, the level of a person’s vibrations is determined by the average vibration of all his seven bodies.

For example, the atmic and physical bodies cannot vibrate at the same frequency in any way – their energetic structure is so different.

And some beings, embodied in physical bodies, have no upper Divine chakras at all.

In addition, depending on the character of a person, his living conditions, national and social characteristics, as well as the age of his Soul, his subtle bodies can vibrate at very different frequencies.


So, for example, in a person whose will and his own desires are constantly suppressed, the emotional body can be “suppressed” so that its vibrations are at a very low level.

The same thing happens with those who suppress the will of another person, with the only difference that the first low vibrations are caused by fear and despair, and the second by lust for power and aggression.

But at the same time, both the one and the other person have other chakras (subtle bodies) can be developed quite well.

For example, the first, despite the constantly depressed state, may have a kind heart, open to compassion and love, and the second, despite the power-hungry character, may be a completely creative person and have a bright talent in any field of art, which brings joy to himself and everyone around.

Thus, the low vibrations of the third chakra of the first person, mixing with the higher vibrations of his fourth chakra, are balanced and go to the middle level.

And for the second person, the same thing happens in relation to his third and fifth chakras, which has a beneficial effect on the fourth, which is between them.

In addition, life in a three-dimensional world can be so variegated and unpredictable that a person, falling into its whirlpool, experiences so many different emotions that his energy background is constantly changing, sometimes very striking.

So, in moments of enlightenment, its vibrations are able to rise to the level of the sixth and even seventh chakras, and in moments of fear and despair, sometimes they can descend to the second chakra.

As a rule, all this happens unconsciously, since few people on Earth are able to control their emotions, even if outwardly a person does not show what is happening inside him.

Such vibrational drops have a very deplorable effect on your health, since each surge of negative emotions leaves a “scar” or even a “hole” in your subtle bodies, as a result of which the physical body of a person is aging and decrepit rather quickly.


And now your task, my dear ones, is to acquire such an average vibrational index of all your bodies, which will allow you to make the Transition without prejudice to your physical and mental health.

We will stop at this today.

Father-Absolute, who loves you immensely, spoke to you



Hello, my dear beloved children!

So, now that you know what the average vibrations of a person are composed of, we pass directly to the energetic component of the physical body.

Since it is, by virtue of its density, the lowest vibration, it is with it that you will have to work the most in order to pull it up as much as possible to the rest of the bodies, thereby increasing your overall vibrational background.

But it is very important to understand, my dears, that maintaining your body energetically is no less important than keeping it in proper physical condition.

All this is interconnected and in no way replaces one another.


And now I will explain to you what I mean by the words “to support your physical body energetically.”

First of all, it is necessary to carry out practices and meditations as often as possible to fill it with energies of high vibrations – such as the Energy of Light and Love, the Energy of the Creator, the Energy of the Prime Creator of the Universe, the Universal Energy of the Prime Creator, the Energy of Ascension, that is, those that at the moment resonate with you more Total.

To understand this, try invoking each energy in turn and feel which one is most comfortable for your physical body.

Ideally, it should react to it with a pleasant spreading warmth or light, barely noticeable pulsations.

Try not to force events: do not overload your body with energies of too high vibrations, for which it is not yet ready.

Perhaps the only exception is the Universal Plasma Energy, the most dense of all energies, which, due to the increase in the general energy background, is capable of interacting at the moment through the etheric body with the physical body of almost any person.

Once you decide what energy you should work with now, the next step can be its distribution throughout all your subtle bodies.

And for this you can use the practice, which we will call “Vibrational Distribution” .

If earlier you were given meditations and practices to “pull up” the first chakra, which corresponds to your physical body, to other, more highly vibrational chakras and bodies, then this time we will start working from below.

But this does not mean at all that the most low-vibration body should lower all other bodies to their vibrations.


The purpose of this practice is to achieve an average vibration index by mixing the energies of subtle bodies with the energy of the physical body, with which it will be easier for you to work in the future.

And this is what the practice is all about.

Calling all your Heavenly assistants and entering a meditative state, invoke the energy corresponding to you at the moment (but not the Universal Plasma Energy, which has slightly different tasks).

As soon as you feel the reaction of your physical body to this energy, ask it to gradually rise higher, alternately mixing with the vibrations of the etheric, emotional, mental, causal, budhic and atmic bodies.

And as soon as you feel that it has reached your seventh chakra, ask this energy to harmoniously average out the vibrations of your entire energy space.

Try to feel how all of your bodies vibrate in unison – clearly and rhythmically.

And even if these are not the highest vibrations, such a redistribution of energies will allow you to feel the single rhythm of your entire being – from the densest physical body to the most rarefied atmic one.

This will be the average of your vibrations at the moment.

We will stop at this today.

Father-Absolute, who loves you immensely, spoke to you




Once you master the practice of “Vibration Distribution” , you can proceed to the next stage of working with your physical body.

And this is what it will consist of.

Having evoked in yourself the feeling of a single vibrational rhythm that has already become familiar to you, now focus your attention on the second chakra, as if “pulling” this single rhythm onto it, thereby concentrating it in one place.

You will feel how the energy, evenly distributed throughout your energy space, gradually begins to thicken, accumulating in the area of your etheric body.

As a result, you will feel the pulsation only in the area of your second chakra.

And then, by the power of your intention, “disperse” this energy again through all your chakras and subtle bodies.

Feel how it “goes” through all your chakras, evenly distributing and gaining the lost vibrational rhythm.

What does this exercise give you?

First of all, it teaches you to sense and control energies.

At this stage of the Transition, this is very important, because it allows you to be an energetically independent person.


As you can see, my dear ones, all the actions of the authorities are now aimed at “putting the squeeze on” those who disagree, by all means forcing them to return to the “herd” and submit to the requirements of testing and vaccination.

They cannot come to terms with the fact that their plans are becoming public knowledge and that a fairly large stratum of people has appeared, realizing what is really happening now on your planet.

Therefore, the main thing for you now is the ability to keep your vibrations at a height, under no circumstances letting in the energy of fear.

I understand that this can be difficult, especially when you are responsible for your family and children.

But too much is at stake right now.

A moment’s weakness can turn out for you that the centuries-old work of your Soul, which dreamed of experiencing the unique experience of the Transition to another dimension in its embodied state, will be reduced to zero, and it will have to be reborn again and again in the worlds of third density.

But in addition, this practice contributes to the fact that your physical body is involuntarily pulled in its vibrations to the etheric, which means that it begins to gradually thin out, thus launching the process of its transformation into a light crystalline body.

We will stop at this today.

Father-Absolute, who loves you immensely, spoke to you



Victory of the Light!


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