(Reader) To Mr. McKay: Promises Made, Promises Broken


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Dear Dee Dee McKay, I have been following your articles and I 100% agree with you. Of course I don’t have a solution but maybe some points which might be important to take into consideration.

WE ARE AT WAR! Unless we fully understand the implications of this fact we will always ask the wrong questions and come to the wrong conclusions. WE ARE AT WAR!

Whenever my morale reaches rock bottom I remind myself that if the Deep State (DS) was in full control then we would all be in concentration camps already – or dead. The so-called White Hats are not friendly and when all this is over they will be hated just like the DS for the millions of casualties they have caused but the fact that we are still communicating today tells me that someone has been preventing the worst.

Imagine what the military make their recruits undergo in boot camps. They give them hell in order to prepare them for war. We have been undergoing a boot camp because we are at war. The mere fact that the so-called White Hats are pitting civilians against highly trained mercenaries shows how desperate the situation must be.

The so-called White Hats have been watching mankind for decades. They have been trying to wake the braindead zombies up by leaking devastating info about the real state of the world long before Q but the apathetic, ignorant, despicable, braindead zombies just refused to react. So the so-called White Hats had no other possibility than to stage this cruel “movie”. It was a question of losing mankind in its entirety vs losing a couple of millions. However, I am convinced that they have totally underestimated the degree of brainwash. They naively thought that people would come out in droves and start to fight. When they realized that far too few people were ready to fight the so-called White Hats had to change the plan by prolonging and intensifying “the movie”.

With hindsight, what was Q’s paramount task? It was to tranquilize the MAGA movement and to trick patriots into believing that someday the military was going to intervene. Why does Trump keep giving his abjectly boring rallies? It’s because he desperately needs to prevent the patriots from fulfilling their constitutional right: Hang and replace the traitors.

Why did Trump switch from a vaccine-opponent to a vaccine-pusher? Why has Trump not even once criticized the PCR-Test? Because he is just a decoy. THE MILITARY IS CALLING THE SHOTS AND THE COVID CRISIS IS INTEGRAL PART OF THEIR BOOT CAMP. The movie is not going to stop until such time as the zombies themselves take down the government. Think about it. If patriots bring down the government then it will be a coup and civil war. The only way is to make the leftist zombies do the dirty work. In order for that to happen millions will still have to die. A death toll the so-called White Hats are readily going to accept because we are at war.


I guarantee you that the so-called White Hats are sweating bullets hoping that you and the millions of patriots who are on the verge of turning their back on Trump and “the movie” are not going to take up their arms. The so-called White Hats are trapped in a major predicament: On the one hand they need to keep putting us off (audits, laptops, Durham) and gain time in order for the zombies to wake up but on the other hand more and more people become totally sick and tired of the “movie” by the day. This plays right into the hands of the DS. They only have to wait.

So … I hate this plan just like you do. I am furious at the so-called White Hats just like you are. BUT despite all these emotions we must accept that the real culprits are the braindead zombies. They are the ones who are forcing the so-called White Hats to prolong and intensify this murderous movie.

!!!! The so-called White Hats are not going to intervene !!!! EBS and military intervention is just a smokescreen. The so-called White Hats know it, the Deep State knows it, only Anons don’t know it. The so-called White Hats are not going to stop the vaccine holocaust because it is part of their own plan. We will be hung to dry until such time as we realize that we have to solve the problem ourselves. The only scenario in which the military would intervene is when patriots start defending themselves with weapons.


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