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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I was allowed to write about my change in the last article. And it is certainly not over yet, because I often find that I still think and rethink some things that clearly belong to the old world. And yes, I still get upset, not as much as I did weeks ago, but it still happens. When something goes wrong for me, when people in my environment behave in a way that they really shouldn’t behave anymore. But, also because a good friend advised me to, I laugh or smile more often. And, folks, I find it easier and easier. I’m sure it’s not just because laughing or smiling uses fewer muscles. Wanna bet?

Especially when I watch the MSM, I can’t get out of smiling. It has really become a show by now. A comedy show. A few days ago I read the following sentence. The (not only) German Plandemie disaster in one sentence: “The protected must be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that does not protect the protected!” (Netfund)
Folks, and there really are still people in all these dictatorships who firmly believe that in all seriousness. Still today! After now really in all official and alternative media about the flu, the vaccinations or the tests is increasingly truthfully reported.

Today nobody can complain any longer about the fact that nothing more happens, it happens each quantity and that also ever more obviously. The events literally roll over each other. And suddenly everything makes sense, which “did not happen” in the past months. Everything had to go so slowly and sluggishly, everything had to be allowed to happen. And that’s why we don’t have an RV yet, that’s why we still have a huge troupe of actors in many governments, that’s why we all still have to “suffer” and wait. Think about it, how many sleepers, Deep State agents, stooges and collaborators would we have taken with us to the new world if the Alliance and Patriots had stepped on the gas like the Deep State has to do now or like we wished they would.

And while we are still thinking and puzzling over what the first domino is, the military is going through every part of the plan they have on the list, point by point. And I am also convinced by now that they have planned for or expected everything that is going to happen, even to a single person. I’ve written many times, and I really think that, we can’t judge anyone or judge anyone who allows themselves to be smurfed, who allows their children to be smurfed, or who succumbs to the imposed compulsion to be smurfed. Also, I don’t believe the numbers from the governments about those who have let themselves be smurfed. I believe the numbers are lower. I am not sure about the smurfs themselves, but I trust that the Alliance will save or has saved real people who have been smurfed (saline, neutralized ingredients or placebos).

As for the future, I’m getting calmer and calmer. The world is undergoing massive change and we get to be a part of it. That is the first reason. The second reason is that the Alliance supports the military. And that alliance military is now deployed around the world. Deep State nests are being busted, blown up, and otherwise combated everywhere. They are literally in control of everything, which should be obvious to us. If it were not so, we would have noticed it for a long time. Because then nothing would get out at all, and many channels and their operators would simply disappear. Without a trace, as in the past everything disappeared without a trace that could benefit or harm the Deep State. Precisely because of this, I am getting calmer and calmer, because the noise from all sides is getting louder. I admit, it also misleads a bit. But it also does that to our remaining enemy.

There is a fixed date when everything will be over. That is clear to me. There is also a date for everything we are waiting for. RV, GCR, end of FRG, Trump back, and, and, and. BUT, we don’t know it. We don’t know. So we keep waiting and stay calm. What good does it do us to get upset? We just feel bad and worst case scenario, we infect others. Whether it’s Arizona, or the exposure of General Milley, it all comes when the time is right. And nothing and no one else can stop what is coming. As for Milley, I agree with Dave from X22, his case is being allowed to be used as a distraction from Arizona. Nor will he be convicted or charged. It is too early for that, because he would carry away many who are still admitted in the saddle. On this occasion a quote, better an excerpt from a contribution of fufmedia, a German Telegram channel:

“If chaos seems to be the norm, how is it that some see “doom and gloom” while a few see a silver lining?

When one sails through uncharted waters, as we are doing now, one’s character is exposed for better or worse. This is an undeniable fact.

Until you are able to see information in a positive light and understand that it is up to you to “save” yourself, you will always see the glass as “half empty.” Calm, clear-thinking people always lead the pack. Watch President Trump make his speeches. The world needs positivity and a vibrational frequency that elevates humanity as one.”


We are saving ourselves or need to save ourselves. I didn’t understand that at first either. We have to save ourselves by coming into confidence, trust and belief in the good. Thinking positively, laughing, joking, scanning the news and seeing the good in it. And believe it or not, it works. No one has to knock out a cop, or buy a gun and whack anyone who gets stupid. Or go to gunfights with knives, or break through a police cordon at a protest, that’s not what’s meant by saying we have to liberate ourselves. This is not war as we have known it so far, so we can’t fight as we have been fighting. We wouldn’t have a chance anyway, especially not in Germany or Australia at the moment. So we have to fight energetically, on a battlefield that the opponent does not know, for him unsafe and unwanted terrain. He can’t handle positive emotions, he hates them. And none of you can prove to me that he has never laughed, never rejoiced, never been in a positive mood. So we can! We can be positive!

So let’s just do what we can. Let’s transform ourselves into positive people, into positive communities, let’s deprive the remaining cabal of the energy they deprive us of when we develop negative feelings. In doing so, we also make the military’s remaining tasks easier. Nothing is easier to defeat than a weakening enemy. Change to positive and keep calm. Nothing is as it seems! And if we hold out a little longer now, we will be rewarded a thousandfold, believe me! With a world that had to die so that we can rebuild it, better and more beautiful than ever! When we have learned everything about the old world, no one will want it back, believe me.

“Don’t speak of evil, it arouses the curiosity of young people!”
Lakota proverb

“To raise your life to a higher level, change your frequency!Thoughts, words and actions of good raise your frequency higher!”
@thesecret on Twitter

“Once you take the spiritual world seriously, you will see a sign in everything,everyone and every situation a sign.”
@data1five on Twitter

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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