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Reader Post | by Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

The questions are really asked by many in my environment: Can it really be that the Alliance, the Patriots are in full control? Can it really be that we are being put on a show? Can it really be that everything will be fine in the end and that we will love this ending? Can it really be that much more is going on behind the scenes, still, because it’s not allowed to get out? Can it really be that we normal people must not be able to comprehend the whole plan? Can it really still be now, in 2021, after all the setbacks for the Deep State, that its henchmen are still so dangerous that we still have to grope around like blind men instead of being able and allowed to really intervene?

The alliance and many other good and light forces support us allegedly already for years. Our free will must always be taken into account. Nice! But what about the free will of children who are just being force-vaccinated all over the world? Provided that it is true and not also only a show. If it is really just a show, it is no longer beautiful and no one can enjoy it! What about the children and young people? They have already been psychologically damaged all the last months because they were made to believe that they could kill their grandparents. Now they come under pressure from brainwashed parents, indoctrinated teachers and also from vaccinated classmates when they express their free will not to be vaccinated. The next psychological damage, because we know how cruel children can be to each other when it comes to outsiders, right? We were once on one side or the other ourselves.

So where is the sense in not helping those who want to assert their free will? Instead, rescuing children and people from tunnels. That’s just as important, I think, but outside of the tunnels, important patriots are giving up, future patriots are being hurt. Either by the shot or with psychological terror. It’s getting harder and harder to grasp, we can be on the verge or on the home stretch, those who lose courage, confidence and faith are unfortunately becoming more and more. I myself can still hold the line. Why, that is sometimes also a mystery to me. Because, if we are honest, there is little support other than the slogans of perseverance that we have been hearing or reading for months, even years. In contrast, here in Germany, there is a state simulation that can exercise its power unhindered every damn day, endangering or even taking human lives, ruining livelihoods and destroying any hope of improvement. Illegal, criminal and against humanity, further permitted by the Allies who created this construct 75 years ago. For a show that no one understands? Some because it is difficult, others because they do not even realize what is wrong.

I had asked the alliance before for a little power, a little bit of power. Power to fight back, power for everyone who wants to help create the new world. By that I mean, for example, anyone who has ZIM or currencies and wants to use them to do projects for the new world. Shouldn’t they really be able to have special protection? The creator is my witness, I would not abuse this little bit of power! I just want to keep the Deep State’s stooges at bay, be they bailiffs, courts, government agencies, vaccine fanatics or brainwashed cops. I am unknowing because maybe the alliance is already protecting me or us and already weakening attacks against me or us. But why must I remain unknowing? Why do I have to run the risk of giving up? Is this perhaps a tough test to really only take the strongest with me to the new world? Wouldn’t it be a little easier to persevere if we knew that this is a test we are going through? If we could get visible or tangible help?

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but isn’t there a way in these seemingly endless months/years to let some good news trickle through? When I run a marathon, in between I see sections that I have completed and I know that I’ m getting closer and closer to the finish. That is, I know in the middle what I have already successfully run. When I attend a show, I know by pauses at the end of acts or by the progress of time that the end is getting closer and closer. But this show just doesn’t seem to want to end. And that is because the Alliance, the White Hats want to awaken as many people as possible. But I ask myself and many others, at what price? And if it is a test for the longer awakened, why do we of all people have to go through this test? It’s all hard to understand, hard to analyze, and it’s also getting harder and harder to see for the truly patriotic people.

For every ten news stories you read or hear today, seven feel bad, for others three feel bad, for the next one five. And still others just believe everything they are told. I’m also starting to wonder, if it’s really all a show, and it’s ending soon, what can be presented to those left as a show in the future? Or what kind of things will happen behind the scenes then? We have had the Deep State, the cabal, the dark Ones operating unrecognized and unnoticed over the last few decades. Then now we have the Alliance, the White Hats, the Light Forces fighting a war for all of us behind the scenes. Who is doing what behind the curtain in the future? Is this our test? Are we perhaps to learn the hard way to distinguish lies from truth so that we will not fall for a possible new evil in the future? From this side, it would all make sense. Against it speaks that here again those would be favored who have awakened longer, because they had more time to learn their lessons.


How often do we still see the color green in posts? How often do we still see Rig for Red? Is the alliance waiting for the Germans to awaken, that is, for the sleeping masses to awaken? Hopefully not! Because the last days show that even with the creeping enlightenment in alternative and official media the awakening does not work. Most do not ask questions or simply do not believe the truth. PERIOD! That’s another point I don’t get: the alliance would have to see this, realize that it’s not working here. In France and other European countries there are more and more demonstrations against vaccination and the vaccination card. In Australia, the whole country will soon be paralyzed by truckers until the government resigns. In Germany, train drivers are on strike for 2 percent more pay, can you believe it? You should be ashamed to be German in front of the whole world. Doesn’t the Alliance realize that?

Folks, only shock therapy will help here! I am serious and I hope that this will happen soon. There is simply no other way and I firmly believe that the Alliance knows this and has taken it into account in the plan. With the number of vaccinated people in Germany, not many will remain if the figures of 49 million vaccinated people are correct and also the horror reports about the poison in the shots. Because it is made further massively and with enticement offers advertisement and inoculated diligently. And the Germans stand everywhere in line and some ask already for the third vaccination against the delta variant, one hardly believes it. After the vacations, vaccination buses will be in front of the schools and many will give in to the pressure or coercion. They are fed up with the exclusion, which is more and more intensified and still allowed, and get the shot. Is this still necessary?

If this article comes across as negative, I apologize. I remain confident. But I allow myself to ask questions. I don’t want to continue to be in the dark, I want a candle or a flashlight so I can see better, OK? I also still have hope that the alliance will neutralize the vaccine in all those who are voluntarily or forced to be vaccinated and who we need in the future. I believe that this is possible, just as it is possible to neutralize Deep State nukes, as has happened. If we are really in the home stretch, what should the Alliance do? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Put in a final sprint, of course; that’s what you do even in a marathon. Do you understand? I’m tired of these ups and downs between confidence and disappointment. Can it really ever be that I can have the following conversation with German pseudo-police officers without getting in trouble?

“Good day, traffic control. Please show your driver’s license and vehicle registration papers!”

“Good day, are you twins?”

“No, what makes you think so?”

“Well, because your mommy dressed you both the same this morning!”


“The future belongs to those whothe veracity of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

“The future has many names: To the weak, it is the unattainable, to the fearful, the unknown, to the courageous, opportunity.”
Victor Hugo

At this point, once again, a big thank you to Patrick and Judy for allowing all of us to share so freely here on the platform.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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