(Reader: Cephas) King Case: No Judicial Recoginition by the Corrupt Maritime Court


Reader Post | By Cephas

I  jumped for joy when I first saw and heard the details of the King case…and no doubt as did many of your readers.. 

However as one who has personally fought in their jurisdiction for over ten years only to lose the most recent battle….I  realize that you cannot win in a corrupt system in which all parties are first and foremost subject to the BAR and the DS/QUEEN. I have personally seen this corruption at the prov sup court level, and after seeing allegations against john roberts/us sup court i have no doubt it extends to the highest level in CANADA also.

Even though he (Patrick King) made better headway by not having an attorney they will use (and have already done so-see below) their tricks and sorcery of words and procedures to obfuscate any apparent win. We  should  know by now that satan does not accept any defeat graciously.

I feel we should take this as a very small win  of chipping away at the Babylonian idol with the feet of iron and clay (Daniel 2) but not celebrate too soon and let our guard down.   Understand that  until we can assert authority in either common law, eccliastical level courts or higher (courts of heaven) and get totally out of their maritime system we will not see true victory.

We all need to remain united in spirit and positive  intent and have trust/faith that all will work for the better good….so I don’t write this with a negative spirit but of a sobering one for everyone awake to  remain vigilant to the end.  For myself personally it has also meant to allow for events to play out and not to go before God.

Blessings and all the best to your readers, patriots and awake people everywhere, and mercy on all those still asleep. 


PS: I copied the URL from the Justice dept and the excerpt from their page below:

Justice Centre statement about “Freedom Fighter Court Victory” video


The Justice Centre issues a statement on issues when we receive a great deal of email on a topic and/or general misunderstanding of an issue.

Mr. King’s case does not appear to be a win at this point, however we do wish him well on having his ticket thrown out.

Our legal team has reviewed the video circulating entitled: “Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!” that aired on a Stew Peters broadcast, August 3, 2021, announcing: “Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!”

The Justice Centre has also reviewed some of the available associated legal documents regarding Court File Number 12110 00751 Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, arising out of a ticket given to Patrick James King, a resident of Penhold, Alberta, issued to Mr. King for allegedly contravening an Order under S.73(1) of the Public Health Act, Provincial Court action number A87988036R. Excerpts of the only available transcript as of this date, can be found below.


The video appears to contain several inaccuracies.  It is unclear whether Mr. King fully understands the legal process he is involved in.  It appears that Mr. King was unsuccessful in his attempt to subpoena Alberta’s Chief Medical Health Officer. In the government’s filed Originating Application, July 16, 2021, the government notes Mr. King obtained a subpoena for the CMOH Dr. Deena Hinshaw to give evidence in the Provincial Court proceeding (the ticket case). The subpoena was issued by a Justice of the Peace under the Criminal Code, requesting the CMOH bring “all white papers describing the isolation of the COIVD-19 aka SARS-CoV-2 virus in human beings, directly from a sample taken from a diseased patient”, because “these white papers would have been integral in the crafting of the statutes made under the “Public Health Act” here in Alberta.”

The Government argued the subpoena was technically deficient and the Justice of the Peace had no jurisdiction to issue it. The Government further stated, Mr. King has “no evidence” showing that “the evidence sought from the CMOH is likely to be material” [legal term for meaning relevant and related] to the provincial court ticket received. “It is clear that Mr. King seeks evidence relating to the rationale for orders issued by the CMOH under the Act: he seeks evidence about the ‘Crafting of the statutes’,” stated the Government’s Affidavit. There do not appear to be any critical admissions by Dr. Hinshaw about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and this document has been prepared by the government’s legal team, not Dr. Hinshaw.

“The Provincial Court proceeding is about the December 5, 2020 enforcement of the law (when Mr. King was issued the ticket), not the rational for the law. The CMOH does not have, and Mr. King does not seek from the CMOH, any evidence about the ticket issued to Mr. King,” states the Government Affidavit. The Judge hearing the case informed the Accused, Mr. Patrick King, that he had not properly filed a Charter challenge against the law as required to fight the law itself, and thus could only address the ticket issued to him. The matter is still underway.

There is no indication that Mr. King’s case is connected to the relaxing of Covid restrictions in Alberta which fully opened on July 1, 2021. The Government of Alberta states they have opened the province due to achieving the government’s stated goal of 70% of Albertans receiving their first vaccine. Whether that is the reason, or there are other reasons, remains to be discovered in future court hearings.

The Justice Centre’s Charter challenge against lockdowns, first filed in December 2020, is still proceeding in Court.


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