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July 28, 2021

July 28, 2021: Woo-Woo Wednesday [videos]

Be prepared for outrageous censorship, folks. It’s ramping up every day.

We have some material today to satisfy the cravings for the woo-woo side of life. For new folks, it might expand your concept of reality a little. I’ve left that for further down in the post.

Since we understand that in this war 7 out of 10 plane crashes are targeted kills, we’re taking note of this one near Lake Tahoe that went down on Monday, July 26, 2021. Two pilots, two passengers. No names released yet. It was a Bombardier jet, so, made in Canada? and probably equipped with the infamous uninterruptible auto-pilot? That’s the first thing that always comes to mind, but it could have been an accident. We’ll see who was on board and then decide.

2 passengers, 2 crew dead in Truckee plane crash, FAA report says

There appears to have been some collateral damage from what’s going on in tunnels. Just guessing, since we’ve seen fires and smoke emanating from grates and sewers in other places for some time now after we learned the military are either burning them out, flooding them, etc.


Up in the Great White Gulag, the People need to get serious and FIGHT BACK! Stop going along with the tyranny. There are always workarounds. Work together and figure it out.

Ontario warns it will have different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated students this September

The White Coat Summit was excellent and went on for hours on Tuesday. You can watch on Rumble. These are the White Hats of the medical community, doing what they can to wake people up and save lives. They are enabling people to make informed decisions based on facts, official records like VAERS, their patient recoveries, and science. Video at the link below.

WHITE COAT SUMMIT: The One Year Anniversary

The information from the CDC is like a wind sock; changing direction daily. After telling us the other day that the PCR test is no longer considered valid in determining if we are infected with the Wu Flu or the regular flu, the control freaks began attacking those of us who declined the jab and accused us of killing people; then they suggested Americans will once again be called up to mask up in the near future, and now this…

USA Today Scrubs Passage Suggesting Vaccinated Individuals May Spread COVID With ‘Higher Levels’ Of Virus

Are you pissed yet, people? I would hope that most thinking people can see the truth is that it’s all lies. They make it up as they go. They’re insane and they’re jerking your chain.


Since we got that key from the McAfee deadman’s switch the other day, folks have been decoding the Q drops like mad. Here’s an example. Link to Telegram to see it more clearly. ThanQ to the anons who really dig this stuff. I dig it, too, but don’t have the time to dig like they do.

You may have heard about the pathetic theatre around the “emotional” day the dimm’s committee members had for getting to the “truth” of the Capitol breach on January 6. Adam Kinzinger gets the award for worst actor. These people are stupid. Do they really think anyone believes their performances? They’ve been lying their entire lives so what do we expect?

I didn’t hear about this until just now. More theatre. These people are masters at setting up fake scenarios, inciting violence, manipulating the emotions of the public, using law enforcement, and putting on their little skits. Link to Telegram.

Phoenix Staffer Claims Rev. Jackson’s Arrest Was Prearranged With City Officials

A longtime Phoenix city politico calls Monday’s arrest of nearly 40 people -including Reverend Jesse Jackson and State Sen. Martin Quezada- outside U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s office “performance art,” as it was arranged ahead of time by protest organizers

The truth, Stone told Harris, was that “Rev. Jackson arranged to be put in handcuffs for a few minutes for the photo.”
This is a known tactic that leftists use – being an “arrestable”. Here (, Lisa Fithian, a leftist agitator, teaches people to create a crisis and organize “arrestables”.

Also, we suggest watching the documentary Occupy Unmasked.

Children need to be protected—not prey. And they haven’t been protected; they’ve been used as currency and Human sacrifices. They glorify it in their art, for godssake, right in front of us!

Hundreds of children abused while in care of Lambeth council, inquiry finds

The pedos, sickos, and POS of all kinds are going down. Clinton donors, included. Next!

LOS ANGELES CA SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 — Prominent Democratic Party donor Ed Buck appears in court Thursday, September 19, 2019, on state charges of running a drug den in his West Hollywood apartment. Buck may also face federal prosecution for an earlier overdose death in the same residence.(Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Ed Buck found guilty on all counts for giving meth to 2 men who died in his West Hollywood apartment

These perverts disregard the free will of others and override them to take what they want. They lie, cheat, steal, violate and murder without conscience and Hollywood is their sanctuary. No more. Those poor jurors will never be able to unsee that video.

Disturbing video of Ed Buck groping unconscious man who died of overdose played in court


Here’s another reason you probably should stock up on supplies, folks. Do you know if this kind of tyranny is coming to your neighbourhood? Will you require a vaxxx to shop for groceries?

Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus targets unvaccinated and people with no proof of recovery as rules tighten after infection spike

Safe Pass for supermarket made official

We can see the mind games going on. It’s so obvious but too many sheep comply without question.

Have you ever heard such idiocy as the rationale below from Psucki? Logic is vanishing like the stars at sunrise. It seems like anything can be stated as fact regardless of the science or experience to the contrary.

‘If Vaccines Work, Then Why Do Vaccinated People Have to Wear Masks?’ – Peter Doocy Grills Psaki on New Mask Regulations (VIDEO)

In case you missed it…

The FDA announced today that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 has failed its full review.
Its Emergency Use Authorization has been REVOKED.
It is a Class I recall. The most serious type of recall.
Too many false POSITIVES!
This is the test that started the pandemic.
The test used in all the nursing homes in Washington and New York.

Romana Didulo tells us that not nearly as many people accepted the jab as the enemy are making out. The numbers are not true at all. She said 90% of Canadians did not get it. She said the numbers in the US are not as high as they claim, either. They know that many people are swayed by what others do and they want to “fit in”. They think that by putting jumbotron messages on our freeways saying 3.2 million Arizonans got the shot, they can convince other gullible people to get it. Ducey keeps plugging it.

The Queen also posted this:

Q & A – Allied Special Forces in Canada.

Q: Queen Romana, we heard some of the Allied Special Forces, you brought in to Canada to help liberate Canadians and Canada were killed – while they were cleaning up the Tunnels/DUMBs?

A: Yes. That is true. 

They paid with their lives because, I , Romana Didulo as your Queen of Canada, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government requested for thier assistance to free you – the We The People and Canada from tyranny.

Q ##### Q ##### Q ##

Link to Telegram

Who is the real government? The US Military Commander-in-Chief = Donald Trump… etc. Complicated, unconventional, but very good. This portion applies to all the patriots.

Q & A – Follow Commonwealth.

Q: Queen Romana, IF, our current political Governments have no powers then who is our real Government?

A: Your true and lawful Government at this time are, the US Military Commander-in-Chief, Queen Romana of Canada, and the Global Allied Countries/Forces.

At the moment, we are busy cleaning out the PISSOSITOS from your Countries.

IF, the Lockdowns are tightening up in certain areas that’s because our Troops are hunting the PISSOSITOS and we prefer the public to be inside rather than in the middle of crossfires.

That’s why we only send our Special Forces because they are highly trained…

One of Special Forces against one thousand enemies. That’s how highly Trained they are.

And, the public’s job is to stay out of the way.

Hold the line…

Link to Telegram

If you’re not following Romana on Telegram, I recommend you do. She hasn’t posted anything on Gab yet.


She’s including references to “Q” in her Telegrams now. This seems like a pre-planned op to me. Another psychological operation—in a good way. The People of Canada need someone accessible to lead them, to stand up, show them how to fight back, answer their questions, and tell them what’s really going on so they can fight their own battles.

The military officially don’t want to do that, but Her Royal Highness literally appears to be “our Donaldo”. That’s why the enemy attacked her. She is the “face man” like Trump is for the Americans—not that the border is significant. We’re all in this together right now. Globally. Helping each other where we can, and Romana has illustrated that in action too.

The Queen is dropping a lot of truth on that channel. She delivers the bad news, but also has an attitude and keeps it light when possible. I think she’s a much-needed and valuable asset.

I got the feeling the ‘Go Fund Me’ she started for the poor folks in Lytton, BC who lost their homes in the fire might have been a sting op. There were some really big donations there at the beginning to kick it off. Look what happened. Link to Telegram if you need a better quality image.

Gavin Newsom keeps adding nails to the lid of his California coffin.

Calif Governor Wants Vaxx or Weekly Tests for State & Health-Care Employees

Jetson White has a short video about the times we are in. We’re at the precipice and the Q team provided guidance as to how to navigate these dangerous waters. We certainly are watching the water. 5 min.

Precipice Prayer

I’ve been checking for a new vid from Yellow Rose for Texas for weeks and the crew finally shot one over this morning so we have our non-mainstream, fringe intel below.  The text scrolls up and you can pause if you need to. No verbal content, unfortunately. I love her voice. After 3 min. of English, the German comes in, Polish, Spanish, Russian, then more English, etc. where she discusses the military operation, Trump’s options, and the stark reality of war.

It’s either lose a few, or lose us all. No ideal choices, but we know we can “get the vaccinated sheep to med-beds”. That is what we expected, so anyone who had to get the jab just needs to hang in there as best they can by keeping a strong immune system and the damage will be undone at some point.


There is also an excerpt in her video below from a Gene Decode on the status of the tunnels/DUMBs. Not all good news there, either. Setbacks have occurred over the years and the Earth Alliance has to adjust for that so we can see how everything is in flux and timing can change on a dime. Any plan that is opposed can be thwarted and thrown off schedule. Faith and patience will serve us well.

As for the images from the SECCHI Stereo Ahead H12 camera… I cannot grasp that stuff. I can’t make the leap in my little mind between where we are and what we’re seeing “out there” on NASA cams with creatures and planets with personalities like DJT, etc. One day I hope the dots will connect. I do recall Rose telling us she knows the pilot of ISON, which is a ship, not a comet as we’ve been led to believe. 20 min.

Deep Dive and D5 Update 7-28-21

Michael Jaco and tarot reader/intuitive Janine Morigeau in Cowtown (Calgary) Alberta had some interesting conversations when they tapped in using their skills. I’m just starting to listen now.

Draco Reptilian’s still in charge or did the minions get left holding the bag and are now failing?

For a chuckle, this display of feisty birds is probably unprecedented for any US President, lol.  Link to Telegram for video.

The BidAn welcoming committee today. PRESS , if you agree you’ve never seen so many “middle fingers ” in your life 


Here’s a clever, creative look at a possible view to a future for Humanity IF we do not stand up, fight back, and vanquish the enemy. 1 min.

Signing off for now, folks. Thanks to the crew for the support of all kinds and the comments and insights.   ~ BP

The Next 4 Years in 1 Minute



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