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July 11, 2021

Your Sunday Digest for July 11, 2021: Coming Out of the Woods [videos]

There’s no question, this “movie” is unprecedented and fascinating to watch. To a large degree, completely absurd. I can only imagine what sentient Beings watching this Earthly train wreck think of it.

It’s so difficult to take seriously sometimes but I do believe we are coming out of the woods and into the Light. We’re getting close to the end of this intense part.

Sometimes it’s fun being a “nutbar”. We can snicker and hide our sly smiles because we know the others are going to have to wake up one day soon. In the interim, we have our private jokes and exclusive club—all the while knowing we’re truly one.

We may have reached that point where some dedicated Lightworkers just can’t make it. I’m afraid the insanity on this planet may have driven Ed at The Outer Light right ’round the bend. Since I no longer get notifications from Themtube I haven’t checked in with him for awhile and he used to do excellent news coverage but now… well, have a look for yourself. It might be considered news from the asylum. Our sincere best wishes to Ed and we hope he can get it together and finish the war.

Welcome to Clown World Vol. 41


False alarm. Ed’s fine. His usual analytical commentary on a number of topics follows. But it’s still an insane world and difficult to consider it anything but a bad joke. Perhaps we’ve all gone mad and this is what hell is like when we inadvertently create our own reality.

Ed is a thinking man’s vlogger—no offense to the women. I no longer know what pronouns or nouns to use so I’m appallingly politically incorrect—and I don’t care. Perhaps telepathy would be a better way to go. Just dispense with language altogether. Would I be out of a job?

What would it be like? You can’t very well turn on the news to watch someone sitting there and not saying anything. Life would be quite different.

Supporter Video | Bots accounts come out to play in UK protests and other news

Not so funny would be another attack on the People. We have told you for years to stock up, prepare, be ready for anything. This war ain’t over and we cannot rely on our governments to protect and care for us. We must be proactive and take responsibility because in most cases the [shadow] government is the enemy, and yes, they would do that, but if we’re prepared, we can relax knowing we’re in good shape for whatever might unfold.

Ted Mahr and “the letter before R” [Q] had a great show in April I believe is well worth the listen. Following Q was Dr. Charles Hoffe, who spoke at length about the Kung Flu and vaxx situation. He went into detail about the issues his clients experienced after getting the jab and shared his thoughts on it.

It’s important to note that Dr. Hoffe lives in Lytton, British Columbia, Canada and stepped out of line when he addressed with the local authorities his deep concerns about post-vaxxx health threats in his patients—two thirds of which are native Indigenous people. He was warned to comply, but felt compelled to write an open letter because he cared for his patients’ well-being.


As we reported, three months later in July his town was hit by phenomenal, record-breaking, unnatural heat and an odd “wildfire” that swept through town in a matter of 15 minutes, chasing residents out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs, in many cases.

Devastation after fires in Lytton, BC CANADA June 30, 2021

Many commentators have remarked on the similarities between the fire in Lytton and an earlier one in Paradise, California which was even worse. People were burned alive in their cars trying to escape. It was truly macabre and unnatural. Some say “unbelievable”. More on that below.

So, when we say “yes, they would do that”—we mean they would do anything they see fit to further their agenda. Anyone they feel needs a rap on the knuckles to teach them a lesson, they’re more than happy to oblige.

So, always have a bugout bag ready with important documents, cash, and emergency supplies in case you need to leave your home suddenly over a weather incident or anything else. We just don’t know what might arise. Perhaps nothing will happen at all but it’s prudent to be ready.

Ted also suggested that injections involving male fetal tissue administered to child-bearing age females might possibly manifest as women feeling like a man in a woman’s body and could account for the increasing number of people experiencing gender dysphoria. Wow. That makes a lot of sense. If you can’t sterilize them, get them to choose a lifestyle where reproduction isn’t part of the routine. The diabolical nature of these control freaks cannot be overestimated. It also suggests to me that this must have already been done in the past.

Q always has novel and deep things to say along with the advice on navigating our reality and answers listeners’ questions, as well. He said our version of the Human was designed to be manipulated again and again. He said he would definitely be attacked after the end of the show, as always, for sharing his truths with us. This was some of the best and frank 3 hours I’ve yet listened to this year.

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr, Q, and Dr. Charles Hoffe, April 21, 2021

Romana Didulo has posted a Go Fund Me to help the people of Lytton rebuild their homes. She explains in her Telegrams how it will work; how it will all be completely transparent, administered by others, and every penny will go directly to rebuild the homes destroyed by fire; nothing else.

If you would like to contribute to the fund please read her Telegrams for more information.

13 Volunteers (one from each province/territory if possible ) needed to monitor the, “Go Fund Me” Money.

The more Volunteers we have to help the better.

Volunteers duties:
1) Take a screenshot daily of the amount of money raised (every morning).

2) Assist the Funding Applicant to open a Special Purpose Bank Account/Beneficiary Account -where the Funds will be deposited and held until it is time to pay the Canadian Licensed (proven reliable) House Builder, to start building the Home for the Applicant.

3) Assist the Applicant with gathering – required documents, ie. Title Holder, ID, etc, etc.

4) Ensure that every penny of the funds raised, once the Go Fund Me Company has taken their service fees -every penny is spent on building homes for the Applicants who have lost their primary home (not rental, not investment, not vacation home) and without Home Insurance to help them build a home.

5) Assist the Funding Applicant in dealing with the Builder to make sure the project is on time and on budget.

Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters out in BC, Canada.

We’re going to take a trip back in time, less than three years ago to Paradise, California. Paradise lost. Ironic, isn’t it? It doesn’t end there. Governor Gerry Brown said the destruction “looks like a war zone.” They tell you what they’re doing.


What’s more ironic is they referred to it as “the Camp Fire”. They have to name the fires, you know, and “camp fire” was a mockery for a fire that killed so many people, don’t you think?

I watched many videos about the California fires and I’m satisfied they weren’t all naturally occurring and I shared a lot of material at the time. At the very least a natural bush fire was used as cover while covert means were used to destroy homes and other property. It wasn’t about a wildfire roaring through—not when half a house was destroyed and the remaining left standing like a knife had cut through a cake.

That’s a very selective fire. It just decided not to burn the rest of the house but move on to greener pastures? That image above was from a video put together by an activist of the curiosities he discovered during the California fires. The home in the centre of the frame is the one we’re looking at. Green trees remain all around the neighbourhood. What kind of fire burns houses and melts cars, turns cinderblock to dust, and leaves trees untouched?

And isn’t it odd that a wildfire tore through a marina? Really? I guess I took a different kind of physics in school. Silly me didn’t think water would burn.

Also discovered were trees burning from the inside out. Like the food you microwave.

Here’s the work of a truther who exhumed the work of Jamie Lee who tirelessly exposed the New World Order on so many levels. We know those fires weren’t natural. What they did was wake up a whole slew of inattentive Californians. Lots of interesting reading at the article below—if you can handle the truth. Is Jamie correct? Do we all bear the equivalent of those ear tags on livestock?

One thing he related that I hadn’t heard before was that the authorities were searching for victims of the fires—not by looking for bones or teeth, because they were all “dustified”—but for RFiD chips to identify the deceased. He says we’ve all unwittingly ingested them in our food.


cars and a boat spontaneously combusting on a California freeway; no wildfire

Now that I’m skimming through that website I see they used an article I wrote back in November 2018. Nice to know. And note the similarities to the sudden hi-speed fire in Lytton, BC.

If you don’t think we’re at war… think again.

Much of this war is fought in the courts, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Many of us believe this Wu Flu nonsense is going to end soon. It’s time.


Rand Paul To Introduce Bill Lifting Federal Airplane Mask Mandate

Jay Sekulow has been hard at work in the background.

I never know what I’m going to find when I check in with Queen Romana in Canada. At times it’s hard to know if she’s being serious but lately she speaks of new national capital cities.

The #new National Capital of #US is Phoenix, Arizona.
The #new National Capital of #Canada is Victoria, B.C. Canada.

You may want to check in with Simon Parkes’ blog as he has a few interesting updates.

Connecting the dots, it’s so obvious. We have this update from Q The Storm Rider who now posts on Telegram since Twitter ousted them this week.

_these President rejected W.H.O (World Health mafia Organization/>CIA ROTHSCHILDs/Gates/Rockefellers/VATICAN/GPMB/World banks runned Organization)… And VACCINES… These President had Dirt on CIA and MICROSOFT.. FACEBOOK.

_Jovenel Moise Haiti’s President denied WHO . & VACCINES
Moise had all evidence on CIA & HUMAN TRAFFICKING through Clinton foundation/Epstein connections and hundreds of thousands of missing Haitian children. Evidence on Stolen gold by CIA/Clintons

Tanzanian President John Magufuli denied the Vaccines and had full evidence on WHO, WEF Conspiring with Facebook Google CiA GPMB WORLD BANKS…. >>He was then killed and replaced with a female President Samia Hassan who is directly connected to WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

_Pierre Nkurunziza President of Burundi Expelled W.H.O from his country and denied the Vaccines… He had evidence on CIA>> W.H O WEF social media Facebook CONTROLLED CIA operation >>to Google and his countries Servers.


Cubans are awake! Breaking news today.

‘Freedom!’ Thousands of Cubans take to the streets to demand the end of dictatorship

Here’s the update from And We Know. 56 min.

7.10.21: The EVIL ONE’S SCHEMES are on FULL DISPLAY! MSM exposes too??? God WINS! Pray!

Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior always has interesting and unique updates and this one below adds perspective on a number of things. He also does the most wonderful guided meditations for the work that needs to be done in the nether realms. More at Ground Crew Command Radio on Blogtalk.


June 27/28 144K Breakthrough

Mass Meditation

– Debrief –

With so much going on – it’s hard to pick a place to start.

It seems this Mass Meditation was also about consolidating & HOLDING ON to the huge successes of recent weeks – and preventing the physical & non-physical dark ones from regaining their lost ground … which would’ve in turn had a negative impact on Planetary Liberation.

Sometimes …. that’s all we need to do.

Yep … there was something really huge under Ukraine. A huge base with some kind of giant portal or ‘energy drive’ device. It seemed to be either under Kiev or Chernobyl.

Most of you know they always build nuclear power plants on either leylines or fault lines.

Next thing I know … within days after our 144K intervention, I get reports from Starseeds that they’ve been feeling kinda dizzy & light in the head, some with flu-like symptoms.

The fact that many have been experiencing this at the same time, suggests this could be detox symptoms & recalibration of the head … as a result of the network of implants everyone has that are quantum entangled with each other & some underground central mainframe system that controls the whole thing.


Cobra reported this is also used as a protective ‘dead-man-switch’ if and when certain Chimera bases are taken out.

Back to the detox symptoms. Keep in mind that physical toxins & negative entities/energy tend to congregate/accumulate around implants.

Remember … our wiring has been built around or based on the influence (occupation) of implants all our lives. So a sudden recalibration & rewiring of your head can cause a dizzy or weird light-headed experience.

Of course … this is all pending further confirmation.

This gifted Asian psychic channel (thank you A.J.!) released this information on the same day of our intervention.

Main highlights are:

There has been a change in command. A turnover, in reference to the hidden command. They’ve been driven out.
Their numbers have been reduced to numbers that are too small to hold any power.
So many positions have been vacated, that many still haven’t been filled by actual humans.
Hostile (overt) takeover of humanity has failed.
This does not mean you’ll immediately witness overt/visible signs of surrender or defeat.
You’ll instead see a systemic breakdown of every aspect of the world. Things will unravel quicker.
Cabal operations & campaigns that seemed unstoppable will dissolve.
Dramas will continue to play-out (to achieve underlying ‘highest good’ goals), but they will fail.
What is needed are cool heads, direct Light. Our efforts, energetic support & visualization are most important & necessary
Do NOT waver in your efforts there, regardless of how things ‘look out there’

Which I agree with. Because the old world & systems MUST be dismantled & either repurposed or removed all together.

That’s a PROCESS.

Further Corroboration !


Pleiadian Fleet Commander Thor-Han through Elena Danaan released more intel 1 day after our intervention

The main highlights of Elena’s intel release are:

Many surface Cabal elites are still escaping to Mars, in spite of the fact that Mars is under siege & quarantined … (there are many ‘Jump Rooms’ to Mars in regular office buildings of the Fortune 1,000 corporations).
Antarctica has been cleared of all Dark Fleet assets. Some Nazi personnel have escaped to Argentina via marine craft. All tunnels into & out of Antarctica are now shut. A limited number of reptilian ETs are still present there.
High ranking officers (both reptilian & Dark Fleet/Human) have escaped via a portal in Antarctica to the Aldebaran Star system. This portal has now been seized by the Earth Alliance.

One of the main focuses of the Andromeda Council & Galactic Federation is the seizure of portals, to entrap remaining negative ETs here.
Negative ET races are extremely furious over the fact that they now know they are not only within months of complete & total annihilation … but they’re having trouble escaping Earth & they can’t just drop their physical bodies & escape via the etheric, astral or plasma planes. So expect extreme negative disinformation about the Galactic Confederation online via their surface (mostly CIA & FBI) operatives.
Galactic Confederation casualties continue to mount. They’re getting involved and taking these risks because what is happening now is crucial for the fate of the entire galaxy.

There’s a lot of activity in the UK just now. (tonight, there) Many reports coming in.

Five Apaches flew over my house really low yesterday here in Phoenix and I thought they were going to land on the roof. A few hours later the same five went back south.

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]
So far two power cuts, one in Northamptonshire, and one low flying large plane in Sunderland.

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]
Sherburn area of Durham reporting a number of booms

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]
Deep booms heard East Lindsey Lincolnshire 8:50pm over a few minutes

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]
Thunder like sounds in Cornwall and reports of TV signal outage now

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]
GWR trains cancelled from Paddington towards Wales, Cheltenham ect cancelled until gone 11 tonight.

WhipLash347, [11.07.21 14:19]
[Forwarded from Emergency News Channel]

Mr. MBB333 shows us a fleet of ships near the International Space Station, among other things, like a big quake in California. Tunnel ops?

Armada of Bright Lights “Swarm” the ISS on Dark Side of Earth! “Hundreds of them”

Mr. Pool has posted a couple of interesting Tweets along with the word “QUANTUM”. Looks promising to me!

Before we sign off, a late headline. Off again, on again.


BREAKING: Bomb Threat at Fort Lauderdale Airport – Terminals Closed – Update Now Airport is Back Running

We all want a different world. A better world. Are you having difficulty imagining it? Can you picture it, feel it, taste it, smell it? Can you feel the frequency of it? Perhaps this short video from Sean Stone will get you started.

Imagine (2021)

That concludes the Sunday Digest for this week. Thanks to the crew for their contributions and support of all kinds. And now we begin another week so Friday will be here before we know it.

I’m going to listen to Trump’s CPAC speech. He always tells us what’s going on.  ~ BP


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