(Reader: GK) The Real Conspiracy

The EIEIO is investigating the Moosonic Order... But don't tell anyone.

Reader Post | By GK

I know how to fix the world. All Non-Jewish entities have to charge the Jews as a whole, as a mamooth conspiracy to murder the rest of us.

Then all Jews should be interviewed by the homicide detectives. Old Detective McDonald should head the investigation.

This is where regular Jews can say, “hey, I never liked the idea, wanted nothing to do with it, but our Rabbi couldn’t wait for the death of all Goyim.”

Then those who are seen as the masterminds are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. and everyone else put on probation. Let’s call it a watch list.

Then a law that punishes for a continuation of the plot in any form.

Do you see how an official recognition of this conspiracy would identify a plot that they write about extensively in the Talmud? Sort of bothersome right? Can’t we burn this one?

So what if we are cows? So what? Would it not be an indication that sadistic rabid nutjobs need to be recognized by law enforcement or militaries if a small group of people in the world were plotting to kill all the cows? Dear Dairy, call me paranoid but…

Certainly Peta might say something or even McDonalds. MickyD has been accused of human DNA in their burgers and I once heard a Jewish Rabbi brag that their syndicate laughingly disposed of Goyim bodies that way. His audio is around the internet somewhere. Google crazed Rabbis… 

What’s that?

I am anti-semitic?

For what? being alarmed by Holy Law Books that call me a cow and can’t wait until I am dead? Or enslaved?

Makes me wonder how useful a cow slave would be. Hey Bessy… Help me pick the fruit.


Okay, well… Maybe we can have you cut the grass.

But Jeesh… You know the saying about being as useless as teets on a bull? Yeah I sort of get that given Goyim’s acceptance of a blatant conspiracy to kill all of them. And helping them achieve their goals by running for the herd vaccination. Moo first moo first, YAYYYY I got it!

The fake movie is a real tearjerker. We all cry. The plot? Crazed maniacs kill Jews for being innocent harmless accountants and Jewelers. Crazed maniacs played by crazed Jewish maniacs. And we get to write that history book 20 years after something that actually didn’t happen and put museums everywhere. 

I mean seriously how many authentic gold teeth are there to put on display. My favorite exhibit is the soap that is made out of Sheldon’s foot. Mostly because it sort of looks like a sad skinny foot. Revivalist trinkets are worth the price of admission just ask Ripley.

I just wiped my nose and tears on my slave sleeve, between eating Goobers and Raisinets. Look what that candy did to Roger Ebert. His jaw fell off. No more criticizing our shitty movies fat boy.

Mean sadistic cows wearing grey costumes spraying spittle as they scream about their deutsche marks being horded by good counters. Yeah well, If it weren’t for angry awake cows we wouldn’t have hot milk for coca now would we? And if not for good counters no one would have had the money to fund World War Moo.

But back to the conspiracy to kill or enslave the cows. All in favor of holding their blatant plot against the herd accountable say “MOO.”


The mootion carries.

Can we ask Laura Eisenhower why her grandfather filmed 1.6 million German soldiers after the war as he ordered them into camps and starved to death? Could it be both the holocaust and grey aliens and space travel were part of the science fiction plot for World War 3? Me thinks all the pieces add up.

Please, I don’t want to hear gypsy war stories for restitutional profit. Save it for the gullible suckers.


(Still looking for help funding my book editor)


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