The India Coronavirus Panic


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 29, 2021


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Here we cover the Indian so-called coronavirus panic from a local source. Since the coronavirus has not been isolated, it has not been proven to exist. That does not mean people do not become sick. In India the death rate per year is about 9.8 million and the births are about 27 million. The question is whether the masks causing people to inhale their own exhalations, or the cooped up lifestyles, as well as the neurosis of fear, is creating the rise in deaths as outlined below.

Anuj Saxena, [29.04.21 13:25]

Dear X:

The mainstream media is making a lot of stories up. Yes, the so called second wave is here in India but all the cases and deaths are not all covid deaths. I suspect they are a combination of poor medication (causing cytokine storms), fear, anxiety, panic, previous co-morbidities, and other misc reasons (which I am still trying to understand). Our billionaires and govt seems to have sold out to the New World Order (whoever the top 3% is).


The main demographic that is being brainwashed is the educated lot of my age group 25-40. Whereas, the poorer sections have actually understood all of this is planned and designed to disrupt, divide, and kill a section of the global population.

The very intelligent note is this: “The main demographic that is being brainwashed is the educated lot of my age group 25-40. Whereas, the poorer sections have actually understood all of this is planned and designed to disrupt, divide, and kill a section of the global population”

I have the same idea: the mid-educated class is the one that can easily be brainwashed”, while the uneducated people still maintain their own personality. I think that sometimes school is exactly used by the governments to create obedient citizens. (DKL: This is quite true as most of what is taught is agreed upon lies. This goes for science, history, not to speak of the depraved morals of the western schools especially in Europe in what they call the gender program.”)

In addition here is a very interesting interview of Bruce Lipton, a good scientist whose book I have read carefully: Bruce Lipton on COVID-19 Pandemic

The above agrees with the following from a European correspondent:

“Man is a herd animal, and in times of irrational fears and in the face of a lack of clear leadership (or worse, a successful disinformation campaign), he will succumb to collective madness. One could even argue that war itself is a manifestation of this phenomena. But certainly the old dying from fear of pandemics rather than from any sickness, or the poor giving themselves over to mass hysteria and illness rather than accepting that they live in a failed State that would rather wish them dead than that they would know how to care of them, fits this description perfectly as well. Mass die offs of other animal mammal species and even birds or bees is well documented. It’s predicated upon a radical break in nature with the collective consciousness of a species or a group; so they all go mad or die, or fall sick. Because the link with what once protected them collectively has now been broken. They panic, they run in fear, and they fall ill. And like moths they will fall from the burning lamp where they all congregate.”


Enter the Vaccine.

And here we show the cure or the vaccine may be much worse than the so-called threat as the genetic vaccines have not been adequately tested and may be very dangerous to the health as previous five year tests on other genetic vaccines proved them to be very unsafe.

The Nuremberg Laws on Today’s Vaccinations

Nuremberg C0V1D Trials and Geocentricity | Operation Disclosure Official

Analysis of the US Military

Here is more information on a previously treated subject of the US Armed Forces which based on affirmative action, transgenderization, and sodomization will collapse in a rout should they encounter the Chinese or Russian Armed Forces as explained by Napoleon when he said that the moral is to the material as three is to one.  The US Army would have no morals at all.

Here is a further discussion of the US Army failure to put down the demonstrators who burned down hundreds of cities last summer explaining that the generals were afraid to use their own troops as their forces might disintegrate paving the way to the dissolution of the U. S..

The issue of why the US Army was not used to protect the cities of the United States last summer is explained in this military report below.  The United States is made up of 40% minorities and while that level was much lower during the Vietnam War the results were disastrous at the time of Vietnam and would be worse now. The breakdown of law and order in the US during the summer was not so much a loss of will as the fear that the military would split apart.  That would effectively end the United States as a nation and be the beginning of a Civil War.

David Lifschultz



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