Happy Easter Weekend, Happy Fifth Dimension or Higher! || Kat


Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Thank you all for very kind feedback on my Juan O Savin post. Truly appreciated and melts my heart. 

I think of you all when I write my blogs and hope it’s coming together clearly and is informative. That they’re received so kindly makes my Spirit dance. 

“Juan O Savin: This Holy War was Placed in our Generation by God Himself, We’re Going to Save America and then Help Save the World” by Kat – 4.2.21

Coach Jerry, what an honor, sir. Thank you for taking the time to write. It means so much to me.

Paulette, with you in my corner I can keep on keeping on! 

Mr. Ferraz from Brazil, I’ll get you those Gene Decodes. I agree, Gene rocks and Brazil needs him! 

To the anonup and Telegram peeps, bless you for tagging me with thumbs up. xx’s

As always, wonderful Patrick deserves a Standing O for having the patience to load in these whopper posts with tons of graphics and text colorings. He does a magnificent job. So special thanks and blessings, Patrick, for your tremendous service with the Light to this community, to all around the planet, and for this beautiful website.

Following up on shills and bots: When I read the Telegram post yesterday attacking Charlie Ward and the rest of the magnificent team I confess I lost it and basically posted “bollocks” all over Telegram. Then I forgot what I said.

Today, a lady replied to one of my posts so I can prove to you that shills and bots DON’T SCARE ME ANYMORE. Grrrrrrr

This was the GIF:

That subject is now permanently closed. I have a sneaking feeling that sooner than we know we’re never going to have to worry about shills and bots again anyway. Following up on the Light: WOWZA’. Check out the intensity of the light today and going into tomorrow.

“The white light is the more intense electromagnetic (EM) energy burst or ionospheric plasma excitations/lighting sprites. These blow out the system (much like a sun flare in photography).”

I stopped reading channeled messages a few years ago but made one exception. I always read Valerie Donner’s monthly “Apollo” message. 

“Apollo is a god in Greek mythology, and one of the Twelve Olympians. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. He is the god of healing, medicine, archery, music, poetry and the sun. He is the leader of the Muses. He also is a god of prophecy.” wikipediaThis month the Apollo message, to me, is perfection. I agree with every syllable and felt it might be an uplift for all. 

Valerie Donner: The latest message from Apollo, 3-30-21

“In the whole scheme of things, 
it appears that your anticipation of what is to come
has not been met. This is not so. 

It has already been achieved 
& you are at the ending of darkness on Earth. 


Cradle yourselves in the heart of the Creator 
& don’t let your thoughts wander into something 
you are afraid of or do not want. 


Let the lower dimensional energies 
play themselves out 
while you observe. 

The entire drama is nearly complete 
& you will have much to celebrate. 

We are with you. 

Bless the material world 
for what you have learned and achieved. 
Move onward & upward.

We are one.”



I especially love that Apollo said — 

“Keep raising your vibrational states 
so that you are living in the 5th Dimension

It’s why I write 5D+. Since we’re Infinite Beings made from God’s Infinite Self, then Dimensions and Timelines chop up Infinity. 

I would LOVE to jump in and out of Timelines and Dimensions for fun, but I don’t EVER want to be imprisoned in a Dimension EVER again and it is my understanding that this is what happened to Gaia, her Kingdoms, Humanity, Galaxy and Solar System.

So enough with blocks of Time or grades of Dimensions. No more measurements!!My prayer is the Highest Outcome for All. If it’s the Highest it’s going to be Divinely perfect. And so it is.

May this Easter Weekend shower each of you and yours with God’s blessings unceasing and the most magnificent ascended next, whatever that looks like and however you wish it.

Happy Everything,

xo, Kat


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